+*B GCH Kastdemur's Act of Defiance

AL1508781 ~ DOB: 03/07/10
Chocolate w/white belt & multiple white markings
**DNA on file**

+*B Kastdemur's Deviant ~ 90 VEE
SS: +*B GCH Becca's Hemingway ~ 90 EEE
SD: SGCH One*Oak*Hill Tumbleweed Diva 1*M ~ 93 EEEE

D: Kastdemur's Bad Apple 2*M ~ 91 VEEV
DS: ++*B GCH Kastdemur's Watch Yourself ~ 91 EEE
DD: SGCH Kastdemur's Bad Habits 1*M ~ 90 EEVE

Linear Appraisal

Show Records

2-06  EX 90  (EEV)


2X 2nd Place Junior Kid
4X 1st, 1X 2nd 2X RGCH Yearling Buck
6X 1st Place, 4X GCH, 1X RGCH,

We were very impressed with Act's first set of kids last year and that increased with his lovely young milkers this year. Act himself is very tall and sharp over the withers, long and clean in the neck and very dairy throughout. Act is also wide in the chest floor and deep in the ribs with a beautiful wide escutcheon. He also stands on very correct feet and legs and is very level throughout. His kids all exhibit the same level topline, dairy character and width through the escutcheon.

Act's dam is the lovely Bad Apple doe who appraised EX-91 last year and was 2nd place 5 & 6 year old at Nationals in 2012. His sire, Deviant, excels in general appearance being very level and strong and correct throughout. Deviant daughters have continually placed well in the show ring as well as appraising extremely high.

Act's granddams are both gorgeous does. Bad Habits, his maternal granddam, was extremely strong in general appearance especially in feet and legs. Diva, Act's paternal granddam, Diva, had an almost perfect mammary.

Act will be used on many select does this coming fall and we look forward to more lovely kids next spring.

Dam: Kastdemur's Bad Apple 2*M

Senior Get of +*B Kastdemur's Deviant

Mat. granddam: SGCH Kastdemur's Bad Habits 1*M

Mat. grandsire: ++*B GCH Kastdemur's Watch Yourself

Pat. granddam: CH One*Oak*Hill Tumbleweed Diva 1*M

Pat. grandsire: +*B GCH Becca's Hemingway

Photos  of Bad Apple, Bad Habits, Watcher, Diva and Hemingway courtesy of Kastdemur's Dairy Goats

Act's Offspring

Daughter: Raintree KAD Rainbow LA-90

Daughter: Raintree KAD Kiara LA-86 (yrlg FF)

Daughter: GCH Raintree KAD Kalinda

Daughter: Raintree KAD Cassidy

Daughter: Raintree KAD Cinnamon Swirl

Daughter: Calico Fields KAD Katniss

Daughter: Raintree KAD Kalypso

Act ~ Down thru the years

Intermediate Kid - 2010

Yearling - 2011

Two Year Old -2012


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