Moorse-G TH Anastasia

L2158964 ~ DOB: 03/02/20

S: Autumn-Acres Trigger Happy
SS: Autumn-Acres Pull The Trigger
SD: CH Autumn-Acres Tranquility

D: SGCH Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Luvs 3*M ~ 86 +EEV
DS: CH Mint*Leaf Badge of Honor
DD: GCH Jen-Mae-Ka Kids QT 2*M
Linear Appraisal DHIR Show Records

We dearly love our Heart Throb buck and his lovely dam, Luvs, so we could not resist the opportunity to add another Luvs kid to the herd. We were thrilled when Garrett offered one of Luvs twin does to us. Anastasia has been the hard luck doe of the year though....she started out with a urinary tract infection from the trip home and then got sore mouth.....just as we think she's clear and ready for the show ring, she breaks out with ringworm (note she is almost the ONLY kid in the herd to get ringworm this year!) Thus Ana did not get out to the shows at all this year.

Ana is a powerhouse doe reminding me much of her dam. She is very level and smoothly blended and she probably has more depth of body than some of the dry yearlings. Ana has just got tremendous width and body capacity. She is wide in her chest floor and that extends all the way back to her hip width and width of escutcheon. She is also showing a very promising little udder and she's one of the sweetest does in the herd.

Ana will be bred to Kane for May kids. $500.

Maternal sister: CH (pend) Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Luv Potion

Dam: SGCH Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Luvs 3*M

Autumn-Acres Trigger Happy

Mat. granddam: GCH Jen-Mae-Ka Kids QT 2*M

Mat. grandsire:Mint*Leaf Badge of Honor

Pat. granddam:CH Autumn-Acres Tranquility

Pat. grand
sire: Autumn-Acres Pull the Trigger

Photos of Luvs, QT, Badger and Luv Potion courtesy of Jen-Mae-Ka Kids
Photo of Trigger Happy courtesy of Moorse-G Goats
Photos of Tranquility and Pull the Trigger courtesy of Autumn-Acres

Ana ~ Down thru the years

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