Calico Fields FS Atraxa

PL2286865 ~ DOB: 03/17/23
Rusty chamoisee, dk face and dorsal, frosted ears and nose

S: Shady Lawn KT Firestorm
SS: *B Kastdemur's Tsunami
SD: Shady Lawn Fast Promises 3*M

D: Calico Fields MH Nissa
DS: *B Kastdemur's HW Mad Hatter ~  90 VVE
DD: Breezy Way Prince Gabriella 3*M ~ 88 VVV+(stale)
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Calico Fields MH Nissa

Shady Lawn KT Firestorm

Mat granddam: Breezy Way Prince Gabriella 3*M

Mat. grandsire: *B
Kastdemur's HW Mad Hatter

Pat. granddam: Shady Lawn Fast Promises 3*M

Pat. grand
sire: *B Kastdemur's Tsunami

Photo of Tsunami courtesy of Shady Lawn

Atraxa~ Offspring



Atraxa ~ Down thru the years






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