SG Calico Fields OL Charlotte 2*M

L1469902 ~ DOB: 02/28/09
Lt. tan w/white facial blaze, belly & legs

+*B SGCH Devonshire MC Conagher's Outlaw ~ 90 VEEE
SS: +*B GCH One*Oak*Hill Tweed Conagher ~ 92 EEE
SD: SGCH FDF-Pleasant-Fields Mix 2*M ~ 91 EEEE

D: SG Raintree Calypso Charmed 1*M ~ 88 VVEE
DS: +*B SGCH South-Fork Charming Calypso ~ 90 EEE
DD: SG Raintree Eros Chumani ~ 89 VEVE
Linear Appraisal DHIR Show Records
1-04  VG 87 (V+VV)
3-06  VG 89 (VEEV)
5-06 VG 89 (VEEV)
1-00 305 2465 101 77  
  322 2553 105 81  
2-00 327 3344 140 113  
  350 3720 159 122  
3-02 295 2925 122 96  
4-0 261 3204 131 108  
4-10 305 3307 115 101  
5-09 305 3010 108 93  
6-10 305 2925 121 89  
  328 3061 127 93  
1X 2nd, 1X 3rd Intermediate Kid
1X 2nd, 1X 3rd, 1X 5th Yearling Milker
1st 3rd, 1X 4th 2 year old
2X 1st, 3X 2nd 3 year old

Charlotte is another beautiful Outlaw daughter. She is also very correct and powerful. Charlotte blends very smoothly through her neck and shoulders and has great depth of both fore and rear rib. She has tremendous body capacity. Charlotte freshened with a gorgeous mammary that is high and wide in the rear, long and smooth in the fore and has all kinds of capacity . 

We were thrilled when this young doe also appraised VG87 (V+VV) as a yearling milker in 2010 and it was even more exciting when she again appraised VG89 (VEEE) in 2012. Charlotte foundered badly as a yearling milker (after appraisal) due to a reaction to a vaccine we use so she is not as strong on her pasterns as she should be and takes a lot of constant hoof care but she is such a beautiful, powerful doe with such a lovely udder and heavy milk production that she is well worth the extra time and effort and we strive to keep her comfortable on her damaged feet.  Appraisal this year was again exciting as Charlotte appraised VG89 (VEEE) as her permanent score again reinforcing our decision that this doe was well worth the extra work to keep her feet healthy.

Charlotte is very typical of our Outlaw daughters all of whom have beautiful mammaries but are a bit awkward as young does. Her dam, Charmed, completed over 4400# milk. Outlaw has given us some very beautiful udders and the does have matured into stunning animals.

Charlotte is starting to show her age this year and although we plan to breed her this year, it may be her last kidding. She will be bred to Win for January kids. 1st doe will be retained. 2nd doe and bucks (most of her kids are polled) $600.

Dam: SG Raintree Calypso Charmed 1*M

Sire: +*B SGCH Devonshire MC Conagher's Outlas

Mat. granddam: SG Raintree Eros Chumani

Mat. grandsire: +*B SGCH South-Fork Charming Calypso

Pat. granddam: SGCH FDF-Pleasant-Fields Mix 2*M

Pat. grandsire: +*B GCH One*Oak*Hill Tweed Conagher

Full sisster to mat. granddam: SGCH Raintree Eros Coco 1*M

Photos of Conagher & Mix courtesy of Here Be Goats

Charlotte ~ Down thru the years

Senior Kid - 2009

Yearling Milker - 2010
Two Year Old - 2011

Three Year Old - 2012

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