Platte Valley Cherry Coke 2*M

L1973325 ~ DOB: 05/05/18
Black and white
**DNA on File**

S: Nelpoby Nelpoby T-Rex
SS: CH Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Petey
SD: CH Nelpoby Jypsy

D: SG Platte Valley W Primadonna 1*M ~ 90 VVEE
DS: ULL-KA's SFT Whip-Em
Platte Valley RC Amora
Linear Appraisal DHIR Show Records
1-09 285 1851 69 59  
2-10 245 2165 81 67  
3-10 158 2575 82 70 ip
4X 1st place 3 year old ~
Nebraska State Fair
3X 1st, 1X 2nd Mid-MN Classic
3X Best Udder in Class

I have wanted a daughter out of Primadonna ever since I saw her photo several years ago but she was never particularly generous with doe kids so when Cherry Coke came up for sale, I had to snap her up. Cherry is very strong in general appearance being extremely level over her topline, smoothly blended in her shoulder assembly, wide in her chest floor and standing on extremely strong feet and legs. Cherry has a very long, smoothly attached fore udder and a high rear udder. I would like to see a bit more width of rear udder and better teat placement but her capacity is amazing. 

Cherry was 3X 1st and 1X 2nd at the Mid-MN Classic as well as being 3X best udder in class. She has an amazing milk record in progress for this lactation.

Cherry will be bred to Blazes for April kids. Price $600.

Dam: SG Platte Valley W Primadonna

Sire: Nelpoby Nelpoby T-Rex

Pat granddam: CH Nelpoby Jypsy

Mat. great-granddam: SGCH Cash-Farms Truffles

Photos of Cherry Coke, Primadonna and T-Rex courtesy of Platte Valley Goats
Photo of Jypsy courtesy of Nelpoby
Photo of Truffles courtesy of Cash Farms LaManchas

Cherry Coke ~ Offspring

Daughter: Raintree HT Sierra Mist
Sire: Meadowlark Hobe Kat


Cherry Coke ~ Down thru the years

Two Year Old ~ 2020

Three Year Old ~ 2021





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