Calico Lane Mac Dazzle 3*M

L1677393 ~ DOB: 05/01/14
Pale tan with ivory highlights

*B CH Raintree El MacDoogle ~ 87 VEV
SS: *B Barnowl Eldredge
SD: Raintree FS Morgan 2*M ~ 86 VVE+

D: South-Fork Party Time 2*M ~ 87 VVVV
DS: *B Little Orchard C Justice ~ 89 VVE
DD: GCH South-Fork CR Confetti 1*M ~ 91 VEEE

Linear Appraisal


Show Records

YSA: 0-03 V (VVV)
2-01: VG 88 (VVVV)

1-09 305 3241 108 93  
2-08 286 3285 114 99  


6X 1st place junior kid, Natonal Goat Expo
2X 1st place dry yearling
Supreme Champion Jr. Doe ALC All American

Michael was so thrilled when Dazzle was born. She was one of our last kids of 2014 and she's a powerhouse doe. Very correct in general appearance, she stands on extremely strong feet and legs. She also shows tremendous body capacity and width of both chest and escutcheon. This is a very correct doe, large and powerful for her age. Dazzle was shown 6X at National Goat Expo and was 6X 1st place Junior kid.

Left a dry yearling due to her young age, Dazzle got a little 'pudgy' in 2015 but she certainly took that weight off when she kidded in February 2015. She is a very dairy, correct doe with lots of body capacity and udder capacity especially for a 1st freshener. We really like this doe and were extremely happy with her first freshener appraisal of 88 VVVV score. We look forward to watching this doe mature.

Dazzle freshened in 2017 with an uneven udder so was not shown. Although a bit on the shorter side, Dazzle still has an extremely wide, capacious mammary that is very correctly attached and she sure knows how to milk.

Dazzle is bred to Mint*Leaf Decadent Sins for February kids  1st doe will be retained. 2nd doe and buck $600. Dazzle has 3 sons in herds throughout the country and all are extremely pleased with how they are performing.

Dam: South-Fork Party Time 2*M

Sire: *B CH Raintree EL MacDoogle

Mat. granddam: GCH South-Fork CR Confetti 1*M

Mat. grandsire: *B Little Orchard C Justice

Pat. granddam:
Raintree FS Morgan 2*M

Pat grandsire: *B Barnowl Eldredge

Photo of Delta courtesy of Marran's Dairy Goats

Dazzle ~ Down thru the years

Junior Kid - 2014

Junior Yearling - 2015

2 year old ~ 2016


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