J-Haven's RS Denim Sunset

L1625626 ~ DOB: 01/31/13
Black and white
**DNA on file**

Autumn-Acres Rise & Shine
SS: CH Autumn-Acres Medaillon ~ 89 VEE
SD: CH Autumn-Acres Sunny Day ~ 92 EEEE

D: CH J-Haven's FT Soft As Gingham ~ 90 EVVE
DS: +*B Kastdemur's Full Throttle ~ 88 VVE
DD: CH J-Haven's WP Soft As Cotton ~ 88 ++EE

Linear Appraisal

Show Records

YSA: 0-04  V (VVV)
3-04  VG 86 (VV+)


4X 1st Place Sr. Kid 4X Jr. Champion Buck
5X 1st Place yearling buck
2X RGCH, 1X GCH Buck, National Goat Expo
2X 1st place 2 year old

We have long admired this buck's dam, Gingham as well as his granddam, Cotton, and we were thrilled to be able to add this stunning guy to our herd. Denim is extremely correct and flashy. He excels in general appearance and dairy character and still shows tremendous width throughout.

Denims' dam, Gingham, is a beautiful doe, again excelling in general appearance and mammary. She is tremendously level over her topline with great body capacity and a stunning mammary, following in her dam's hoofprints. Cotton also excels in general appearance and mammary.

On his paternal side, Denim's granddam is CH Autumn-Acres Sunny Day, another very strong doe in general appearance and mammary. We would expect this buck to improve in both areas of general appearance and mammary.

In 2015, Denim was 2X 1st place 2 year old and 2X RGCH buck at the Iowa Spring Classic.  We are extremely pleased with his first milkers fresh in 2015 and his 2015-16 kids.  His daughter, Snickers, was 3rd place Senior Kid at the 2016 National Show. Finally, after 2 years of "issues" at linear appraisal, we were able to get Denim appraised with a final score of 86...not bad for a buck in full rut.

Although we have had limited milking daughters out of this buck, his kids are the "fancy" kids in the barn....long, tall, dairy with lots of body capacity. His are the kids that top the shows....we are looking forward to freshening two very special daughters this coming spring including our 3rd place Senior kid from Nationals this year.

Denim will be used on various select does this fall.

Dam: CH J-Haven's FT Soft As Gingham ~ LA-88

Mat. granddam: CH J-Haven's WP Soft As Cotton

Mat. grandsire: +*B Kastdemur's Full Throttle

Pat. granddam: CH Autumn-Acres Sunny Day

Pat. grandsire: Autumn-Acres Medaillon

Pat. great granddam:  CH Autumn-Acres Sett Them Strait ~ LA-92

Photos  of Sunny Day, Medaillon, Sett courtesy of Autumn-Acres Dairy Goats
Photos of Gingham, Cotton and Throttle courtesy of J-Haven Acres

Denim's Offspring

Daughter: Calico Fields DS Johanna

Daughter: Calico Patch DS Snickers
1X 1st, 2X 2nd, 1X GCH, 2X RGCH 2016 Iowa Spring Classic
3rd place Senior Kid 2016 National Show

Daughter: Raintree DS Ginger Twist
Grand Champion Jr. Doe 2016 Iowa Spring Classic Ring 1
18th place Senior kid 2016 National Show

Denim ~ Down thru the years

Denim ~ Senior Kid 2013

Denim ~ Yearling 2014
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