Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Essence

L2158174  ~ DOB: 03/12/21
**DNA on file ~ Parentage Verified**

Mint*Leaf Master of Disguise
SS: Autumn-Acres Pitch Black
SD: CH Mint*Leaf Elusive
2016 Nat'l GCH & Reserve Best Udder

D: CH (pend) Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Luv Potion
DS: *B Kastdemur's Vicco
DD: SGCH Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Luvs 3*M ~
Linear Appraisal DHIR Show Records
1-08 144 1965 67 56 ip


1X 1st, 1X RGCH, 1X 2nd, 1X 4th
MId-MN Classic

We were so happy with our purchase of Elixier last fall that we wanted to add another Potion daughter to the Essence (Essie) came home with us.  Essie was small for her age and it's taken her time to catch up but what we are seeing is just as exciting as Elixier.

Essie is super correct....long, dairy, level with a beautiful front end assembly. She blends smoothly throughout and has a lovely level rump. She is wide in the chest floor and escutcheon and stands on very correct feet with deep, strong pasterns.  Essie's dam, Potion, is a littermate sister to our herdsire, Heart Throb. She finished her championship this summer as a 2 year old. Potion excels in mammary, much like her dam, Luvs. Essie's granddam, Luvs, appraised 91 EEEE at appraisal this summer. Essie's sire, Master of Disguise, has some lovely first freshening daughters in the Jen-Mae-Ka kids herd all excelling in width and mammary. Master is out of the lovely 2016 ADGA National Champion, Elusive.

What a difference a year makes! Essie matured into a lovely, smoothly blended dry yearling. She was 1X RGCH Jr. Doe at the Mid-MN Classic. I just love looking at this doe every time I pass her pen!


Full sister: Raintree Sin's Pixie Dust "Elite"

Full sister: Raintree Sin's Angel Dust "Elite"

Dam: GCH (pending) Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Luv Potion

Sire: Mint*Leaf Master of Disguise

Mat. granddam: SGCH
Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Luvs 3*M

Mat. grandsire: *B Kastdemur's Vicco

Pat. granddam: CH Mint*Leaf Elusive

Dam's littermate brother: *B Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Heart Throb

Photos of Luvs, QT, AlexandertheGrape & Luv Potion courtesy of Jen-Mae-Ka Kids
Photo of Vicco & Vintage courtesy of Kastdemur's Dairy Goats
Photos of Chutney, Cherry & Sarcasm courtesy of J-Haven Acres
Photo of Saracina courtesy of Heart Mt

Essie~ Offspring

Daughter: Raintree HT Ellie
Sire: *B Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Heart Throb

Essie ~ Down thru the years

Intermediate Kid ~ 2021
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