Autumn-Acres Felicity's Fallon

AL2126212 ~ DOB: 03/03/20
Peach and white
**DNA on file**

S: Autumn-Acres Pull the Trigger
SS: ++*B SGCH Kastdemur's SA Stingray ~ 90 VEE
SD: CH Autumn-Acres Strip Tease

D: CH Autumn-Acres Tressa's Felicity
DS: +*B South-Fork AV Hurricane
DD: CH Autumn-Acres Talon's Tressa ~ 92 EVEE
Linear Appraisal DHIR Show Records
1-11 305 3493 132 95  
  314 3568 134 98  
1X 1st, 1X GCH, Tri State Goat Assn
12th place Sr. Yearling, National Show
1X 5th, 6th, 7th, & 8th
Mid-MN Classic


Fallon was a late addition to the herd when we made a trip to Michigan for a short vacation. We have always admired the lovely Felicity with her stunning udder and strong general appearance. Trigger has also sired some lovely daughters in the Autumn-Acres herd and we are extremely pleased with the 2 granddaughters we have in our herd.

Fallon is a medium sized doe with strong general appearance, a level topline and extremely correct feet and legs. She also has tremendous body capacity and we look forward to having her in milk this coming spring. Fallon came in with an absolutely stunning udder. She has tremendous width of escutcheon and length of fore udder as well as great capacity.

Fallon freshened with a stunning mammary as a 1st freshening 2 year old. She still needs time to mature and develop body capacity but she really excels in rear udder width and arch.

Fallon is bred to Sins for March kids. Price $600.

Dam: CH Autumn-Acres Tressa's Felicity

Autumn-Acres Pull the Trigger

Mat. granddam: CH Autumn-Acres Talon's Tressa

Pat. granddam: CH Autumn-Acres Strip Tease

Pat. grand
sire: ++*B SGCH Kastdemur's SA Stingray

Photo of Stingray courtesy of L-S Acres
Photos of Felicity, Tressa, Strip Tease and Pull the Trigger courtesy of Autumn-Acres

Fallon ~ Offspring

Daughter: Raintree MH Fiona
Sire: *B Kastdemur's HW Mad Hatter
Daughter: Raintree Frost's Firefly
Sire: *B 56&Company Harrison Frost
Owned by Cordle Farm
Son: Raintree Frost's Finley
Sire: *B 56&Company Harrison Frost
Owned by Cordle Farm

Fallon ~ Down thru the years

Senior Yearling ~ 2021
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