Opportunity Charade Fantasy 1*M

AL1683526 ~ DOB: 05/2/14

+B Kickapoo-Valley Wild Charade
SS: *B Rockin-CB KV Wild Thing ~ 90 EEV
SD: CH Kickapoo-Valley Aint Arcadia ~ 89 V+EE

D: CH Opportunity Battle Black
DS: *B Shady Lawn Toi Battle
DD: Opportunity Colors White

Linear Appraisal


Show Records


2-11 290 2369 96 68  
3-09 52 781 30 24 ip


Fantasy joined our herd at just a few weeks of age when we went to pick up Win and Skye from Koopman's. A late born kid, Craig offered her to us as she was very tiny.  She stayed smaller than the rest of the does even thru her dry yearling year and I was talked into selling her to a new herd just getting started....a decision I regretted over the last year and a  half.

This fall, I happened to be talking to her new owner and found out that Fantasy had not bonded as well as hoped with their son and they were considering selling her and I jumped on the chance to bring her back into the herd. I knew the quality of her paternal sisters already in our herd and felt she would be a good addition.

Fantasy made the long trip from the south in September just a week prior to our schedule appraisal. Upon arrival and clipping I felt she needed some additional weight to look her best and also found that she had a fairly deep hoof abscess which ultimately kept her from being appraised. Fantasy is a tremendously dairy doe with a long dairy neck and sharp withers. She is very correct in general appearance and has one of the same stunning mammaries as her paternal sisters.

We will give Fantasy some time to settle in and gain weight. She will be bred to Sins for March kids.
1st doe will be retained. Bucks and 2nd Does $700

Dam: CH Opportunity Battle Black

Pat. granddam: CH Kickapoo-Valley Aint Arcadia ~ 89 V+EE
2010 & 2011 National Junior Champion

Pat. grand
sire: *B Rockin-CB KV Wild Thing
2011 National Premier Sire

Pat. great-granddam: Rockin-CB Soon I'm A Tease 5*M

Pat. great-great granddam: SGCH Rockin-CB QK Prankster 4*M

Photos of Tease and Prankster courtesy of Rockin-CB LaManchas
Photos of Arcadia & Wild Thing courtesy of Kickapoo-Valley Dairy Goats
Photo of Battle Black courtesy of Opportunity Dairy Goats

Fantasy ~ Down thru the years

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