GCH Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Fortune 4*M

L1631537 ~ DOB: 03/16/13

+*B GCH Heart Mt Tweed Navigator ~ 89 VVE
SS: ++*B GCH One*Oak*Hill Tumble Weed ~ 91 EEE
SD: SGCH Heart-Mt.-Carter-Kids Nikki 3*m ~ 91 VEEE

D: Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Kharma 3*M ~ 89 EEEV
DS: Autumn-Acres Revin It Up
DD: GCH Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Kala 2*M
Linear Appraisal DHIR Show Records
4-05  EX 90 (VVEE)
2-04 85 522 39 13  
2-10 305 3257 482 205  
  749 8152 479 204  
4-11 223 2582 86 77 ip
2X 1st, 1X GCH, 1X RGCH
2X 1st, 2X GCH, 2X BOB
2X 4th place

We had followed the career of this beautiful doe since she was a young doe and our grandson jumped at the chance to add her and her 2018 buck kid to his herd when they suddenly became available. 

Fortune is an extremely tall, powerful doe. She is very wide through her chest floor, sharp over her withers and has a lot of body capacity. She also excels in mammary with a very capacious udder with a high wide rear udder attachment and very correct teat placement.  Fortune also excels in extremely correct feet and legs.

Fortune is not the easiest doe to get along with...she can be a handful! While James had hoped to show her he decided after her 1st show that she was a doe better left at home to make beautiful babies for him!!!

Fortune will be bred to Traveler for April kids. 1st doe will be retained. 2nd doe and bucks $800.

Dam: Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Kharma 3*M

Sire: +*B GCH Heart Mt Navigator

Pat. granddam: GCH Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Kala 2*M

Pat. grand
sire: Autumn-Acres Revin It Up
Pat. granddam: SGCH Heart-Mt.-Carter-Kids Nikki 3*M

Pat. grandsire: ++*B GCH One*Oak*HIll Mac Tumble Weed

Photos of Navigator, KHarma, Kala and Revin It Up courtesy of Jen-Mae-Ka Kids
Photo of Nikki courtesy of Heart Mt. LaManchas
Photo of Tumble Weed courtesy of Amberwood Dairy Goats
Photos of Fortune courtesy offf Manzinita LaManchas

Fortune ~ Offspring

Son: Manzinita Farm Lucky Guy
Sire: *B J-Haven's Livin'W/Admiration

Fortune ~ Down thru the years
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