Mint*Leaf Jack Daniels

E2074838 ~ DOB: 02/16/20
Black fore, white rear, fac. stripes & legs, black spot on rear, elf ears

S: +*B GCH Mint*Leaf American Idol ~ 92 EEE
SS: ++*B SG Altrece Cosmopolitan
SD: GCH The Preference Flyer 1*M
'08, '10 & '11 Nat'l RGCCH

D: CH Mint*Leaf Jack Abby
DS: ++*B SG Tempo Aquila Yukon Jack ~ 91 EEE
DD: CH Mint*Leaf Amaretto
Linear Appraisal Show Records
1-03   88 (VVE)  

Sharla was looking for a buck to continue her Experimental line this past spring. She had tried both an Alpine and Togg buck in previous years but we wanted to maintain the LaMancha "look" to her experimental line. We were thrilled when we contacted Julie Matthys and found out that Abby had an available buck kid from a sale that had fallen through.

Jack is HUGE....long, tall, level, extremely correct feet and legs...and personality to round out the package. Jack's dam is the lovely Jack Abby doe who finished her championship early last year. She excels in mammary while still being an immature young doe. He is sired by the stunning American Idol buck who is a GCH buck that appraised 92 EEE. Jack's maternal granddam is the gorgeous Amaretto doe who has contributed so much to the size of this young buck, and his paternal granddam is The Preference Flyer, 3X National Reserve Grand Champion.

Jack appraised 88 VVE at 1-03. While he will see limited use we still have some special breedings planned for him.

Dam: CH Mint*Leaf Jack Abby

Sire: +*B GCH Mint*Leaf American Idol

at. granddam: CH Mint*Leaf Amaretto

Pat. granddam: GCH The Preference Flyer 1*M

Pat. granddam: ++*B SG Altrece Cosmopolitan

Photos courtesy of Mint*Leaf LaManchas

Jack ~ Down thru the years

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