Calico-Lane FP Jasmine

AL2066933 ~ DOB: 01/16/20
Chocolate with tan trim
**DNA on file**

S: +*B SG Lucky*Star's LX Forceplay ~ 89 VEE
SS: ++*B SGCH Lucky*Star's AV Xavier ~ 93 EEE
SD: SGCH Lucky*Star's RY Acclaim 3*M ~ 92 EEEE

D: Calico-Acres Mav's Josey 2*M
DS: Manzinita Farm Maverick
DD: 4JB RRF/Choca's Deliah 1*M ~
Linear Appraisal DHIR Show Records
1-04   86 VVVV
1-01 185 2046 75 60 ip

Jasmine is a very strong general appearance doe. She is very long and level over their toplines, smoothly blending in her front end assembly and wide in her rump.  She stands on very strong feet but is a bit straight on her rear legs. She also excels in breed character.  Her dam, Josey, was a huge doe who also excelled in general appearance and had a lovely, well attached mammary. Sadly, we lost her when she kidded with Jasmine. Their maternal granddam is one of our favorite experimental does in the herd!

Jasmine freshened with a very correct, nicely attached mammary this year. She has a high wide rear udder and a long, smoothly attached fore udder. She is smoothly blended throughout. We really like this promising young doe.

Jasmine will be bred to Morgan for March kids. Price $500.

Dam: Calico-Acres Mav's Josey 2*M

Sire:+*B SG Lucky*Star's LX Forceplay

Mat granddam: 4JB RRF/Choca's Deliah 1*M

Mat. grandsire: Manzinita Farm Maverick

Pat. granddam: SGCH Lucky*Star's RY Acclaim 3*M

Pat. grand
sire: ++*B SGCH Lucky*Star's AV Xavier

Photos of Acclaim and Xavier courtesy of Lucky*Star Farm
Photo of Forceplay courtesy of Platte Valley Goats

Jasmine~ Offspring


Jasmine~ Down thru the years

Senior Kid ~ 2020
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