GCH Raintree KAD Kalinda 3*M

L1553951 ~ DOB: 05/13/11
Lt. chocolate w/white belt & facial stripes

+*B GCH Kastdemur's Act of Defiance ~ 90 EEV
SS: ++*B Kastdemur's Deviant ~ 90 VEE
SD: Kastdemur's Bad Apple 2*M ~ 91 EEEE

D: SGCH Raintree OL Kricket 2*M ~ 90 EEVE
DS: +*B SGCH Devonshire MC Conagher's Outlaw ~ 90 VEE
DD: SG Raintree Calypso Kassidy 1*M ~ 87 VEVV

Linear Appraisal


Show Records

YSA: 1-04  V (VVV)
3-03  VG 88 (VVEE)
4-02  VG 88 (VVEV)
5-00  EX 90 (EEVE)


2-08 305 2955 98 82  
  738 6195 216 187  
4-10 304 3219 122 97  
  450 4214 159 128  

2X 1st Place PeeWee Kid
20th Place 3 year old, ADGA National Show
4X 2nd place 3 year old
2X 1st place 3 year old, 2X Sr. GCH doe

What a long anticipated kid!  I guess the third time's the charm as we waited three long years for this very special doe kid out of our favorite doe, Kricket, and she's certainly no disappointment. She became even more precious to us when we lost her very special dam to heat stress in 2012.

Born on Friday the 13th, Kalinda is tall, level and excels in dairy character and general appearance. And she certainly came into this world with a splash....from refusing a bottle for the first 3 days she went on to be our biggest eater...starting on grain well before other kids her age and munching on hay at a week of age! She's also spoiled rotten...being the only kid born in May 2 years ago!

We love the Act daughters and see a tremendous amount of promise in all of them. This doe comes from our strongest doe family and when you add in her sire's maternal line of Bad Apple and Bad Habits and his paternal line which includes SGCH One*Oak*Hill Tumbleweed Diva...how can she miss. Her paternal granddam, Bad Apple, was 2nd place 5 & 6 year old at the 2012 National show.

Kalinda was 2X 1st place Junior peewee kid at the fall shows 2011 and was held dry for 2012. A late dry yearling she was not shown in 2012. Kalinda should have been a first freshening 2 year old last year but a false pregnancy late in the season left her open to our great dismay. I normally would not retain a doe that would be a 1st freshening 3 year old but this doe just has it all and I felt she deserved a second chance.

Kalinda kidded in early January 2014 with a lovely single doe kid and a beautiful, glued on mammary. She was shown at Nationals in a large competitive class and, even though only a first freshener, she still made the cut and was 20th place. She then appraised VG 88 (VVEE) 8 months into her first lactation. In late September we took Kalinda to National Goat Expo where she was 2X Sr. GCH doe earning 2 legs toward her GCH. We can't wait to see this doe as she matures....she reminds me so very much of her lovely dam, Kricket.

Kalinda did not breed back in the fall of 2014 and so we continued to milk her throughout 2015. We took Kalinda out to the Iowa Spring Classic where she was 2X 2nd, 2X 1st and 1X GCH finishing her championship....not bad for a doe that was 17 months into her lactation.  In August she was appraised again at an 88 VVEV...again not bad for an extended lactation doe!

In 2016, Kalinda kidded with beautiful twin does and a gorgeous mammary. She appraised permanent 90 EEVE in June as only a second freshener. This doe is one of my favorites. Her udder is just glued on and milks down to nothing. She is very stylish and smoothly blended throughout.

Kalinda's reproductive issues cropped up again in 2017 and she, sadly, did not settle. Because I love her so much, I simply can't part with her and we will continue to work on getting her back in the milk string.

Kalinda will be bred to Win for May kids. All does will be retained. Bucks $700.

Kalinda - 2014 ADGA National Show

Dam: SGCH Raintree OL Kricket 2*M

Sire: *B CH Kastdemur's Act of Defiance

Mat. granddam: SG Raintree Calyhpso Kassidy 1*M

Mat. grandsire: +*B SGCH Devonshire MC Conagher's Outlaw

Pat. granddam: Kastdemur's Bad Apple 2*M

Senior Get of Sire of +*B Kastdemur's Deviant

Photo of Deviant Get of Sire & Bad Apple courtesy of Kastdemur's Dairy Goats

Kalinda ~ Down thru the years

Junior Kid - 2011

Dry Yearling - 2012

Dry 2 year old - 2013

3 year old - 2014

4 year old - 2015


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