Tempo Robin Katrina

L2096999 ~ DOB: 04/02/20
Belted chocolate roan sundgau
**DNA on file & Parentage Verified**

S: *B Tempo Robin
SS: *B Goat-San Vito
SD: SGCH Tempo Evianna 9*M~ 93 EEEE
2013 Nat'l GCH; '09, '12 & '15 Nat'l RGCH

D: SG Tempo Karenita 11*M ~ 90 VVEE
DS: +*B SG Lone Thistle Presto ~ 91 EEE "Elite"
DD: SGCH Tempo Karenina 10*M ~ 92 EEEE
Linear Appraisal DHIR Show Records
1-10 216 2399 92 74 ip

Yes, another impulse addition last summer.....but when the sale fell through on Katrina and Laurie offered her to me, I couldn't resist. This linebred kid combines the genetics of two National Champions, Evianna on both sides of her pedigree as well as Venice on her paternal side.

Katrina has been slow to mature...which seems to be a trait of the Nita daughters but she had developed into a very showy, correct dry yearling. She's tall and sharp over her withers, smoothly blended in her shoulders and very level over her topline. She has tremendous width between her hocks with a high, wide escutcheon and the promise of a very nice mammary.

Katrina is a super dairy doe....long neck, sharp withers and lovely prominent ribbing. Her strongest point is her beautiful, correct mammary....long, smoothly attached on the fire with a gorgeous high wide rear udder and a nearly perfect arch with lovely teat placement. I'd like to see her a big more level over her topline but otherwise I'm really happy with this high producing first freshener.

Katrina is bred to Sins for February kids. $600.

Yearling FF                                                           2 year old (stale)
Dam: SG Tempo Karenita 11*M

Sire: *B Tempo Robin

Mat granddam: SGCH Tempo Karenina 10*M

Mat. grandsire: +*B SG Lone Thistle Presto

Pat. granddam: SGCH Tempo Evianna 9*M
'13 Nat'l GCH, '09, '12 & '15 Nat'l RGCH

Pat. great-granddam: SGCH Barnowl Abracadabra 2*M

Photos of Karenita, Karenina, Evianna and Presto courtesy of Tempo LaManchas
Photo of Robin courtesy of Simply Southern Farm
Photo of Abracadabra courtesy of Barnowl LaManchas

Katrina ~ Offspring

Raintree Blazes' Khaos
Sire: *B Raintree M Blazing Colors
Owned by Patricia Benton

Raintree Blazes' Kharizma
Sire: *B Raintree M Blazing Colors
Owned by Cordle Farm

Katrina ~ Down thru the years

Junior Kid ~ 2020

Senior Yearling ~ 2021
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