Calico Fields HT Luv Bug

L2146529 ~ DOB: 01/03/21
Sundgau with white legs & trim, facial stripes and heart on face

S: *B Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Heart Throb ~ 89 VVE
SS: *B Kastdemur's Vicco
SD: SGCH Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Luvs 3*M ~ 91 EEEE

D: SG Calico Fields Sin's Raven 2*M ~ 90 VEEE
DS: Mint*Leaf Decadent Sins ~ 91 EEE
DD: Calico Fields Win Rue 1*M ~ 91 EEEE

Linear Appraisal DHIR Show Records

Luv Bug is the 2nd of the Raven triplets...another very correct kid. She's a bit smaller than her sister, Cuddles, but has more depth of body and body capacity.  This is a super level kid that stands on very correct feet and legs. Wide in the chest and showing a very correct wide escutcheon, we really like this kid a lot. She's one of those quiet kids that never pushes her way forward so you can possibly miss how nice this little girl is.  Her dam, Raven, is a powerful doe with tremendous width and a lovely, correct mammary. Heart is a powerhouse as is his dam, Luvs. We look forward to seeing his first daughters in milk this coming spring.

Luv Bug will be bred to BJ for April kids. $500.

SG Calico Fields Sin's Raven 2*M

Sire: *B Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Heart Throb

Mat granddam: Calico Fields Win Rue 1*M

Mat grandsire: Mint*Leaf Decadent Sins

Pat. granddam: SGCH Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Luvs 3*M

Pat. grand
sire: *B Kastdemur's Vicco

Photo of Vicco courtesy of Kastdemur's Dairy Goats
Photo of Luvs courtesy of Jen-Mae-Ka Kids

Luv Bug~ Down thru the years

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