POH Girl Crush Madness 1*M

AL1744365P ~ DOB: 05/12/15

S: +*B Autumn-Acres March Madness
SS: *B Shammys Tu Sentinel
SD: GCH Autumn-Acres Miss Marmalade 3*M ~ 92 EEEE

D: CH POH Heavenly Gertrude ~ 88 VEVV
DS: King-Farm Geyser's Chill'N CC ~ 87 VEV
DD: SG Raintree Simba Ella Grace ~ 88 VVEV
Linear Appraisal DHIR Show Records
2-09 298 2465 111 99  
2X 4th place

Maddy's granddam was bred by us and she comes from our main line of polled does. When she was offered for sale we could not pass us the chance to bring her genetics back into the herd. Maddy is a very smoothly blended, level doe that has developed a very nice body capacity since she arrived. She has a high, wide rear udder and a long, smooth fore udder and stands on very correct feet and legs.

We really admire Maddy's dam, Gertrude. She has a lovely, high wide udder and lots of capacity...a trait we feel Maddy has gotten from her dam.

Our granddaughter, Samantha, fell in love with Maddy when she arrived and claimed her for her very own. We look forward to adding Maddy to our show string this summer.

Maddy will be bred to Traveler for February kids.  Price $600.

Dam: CH POH Heavenly Gertrude

Sire: +*B Autumn-Acres March Madness

Mat granddam: SG Raintree Simba Ella Grace

Mat. grandsire King-Farm Geyser's Chill'N CC

Pat. granddam: GCH Autumn-Acres Miss Marmalade 3*M

Pat. grand
sire: *B Shammys Tu Sentinel

Photos of Maddy, Gertrude, Ella Grace, Cream Cheese courtesy of Patch of Heaven Dairy Goats
Photos of Marmalade courtesy of Autumn-Acres Dairy Goats
Photo of Sentinel courtesy of Mint*Leaf LaManchas

Maddy ~ Offspring


Maddy ~ Down thru the years
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