Pleasant-Grove Manny Moonshine

A1848655  ~ DOB: 02/07/17
Cou blanc
**DNA on file**

Windrush Farms Blizzard Manny
SS: *B Windrush Farms Wonder Blizzard
SD: Windrush Farms IRS Emily ~ 87 VVEV

D: CH Pleasant-Grove Zen Mirabell ~ 92 EEEE
DS: YBNVS Revolutionary Zen
DD: SG Pleasant-Grove SSO Miracle ~ 91 VEEE

As Sharla looked around for an Alpine buck to use on a limited amount of her LaManchas for her budding Recorded Grade herd, she once again turned to Pleasant Grove with their stunning Alpine herd. With Craig's guidance and advice, she narrowed her choice down to a son of Mirabell, a fancy uddered, large framed Zen daughter. Moonshine is sired by Manny and he has sired level top lines, correct leg set, deep, open and well sprung ribs and beautiful udders.

Although Moonshine will get limited use this year especially, we do feel that he brings some valuable attributes to the herd for our small herd of Experimental does.

Dam: CH Pleasant-Grove Zen Mirabell

Sire: Windrush Farms Blizzard Manny

Mat. granddam: SG Pleasant-Grove SSO Miracle

Pat. granddam: Windrush Farms IRS Emily

at. great-granddam: CH Hill N Holler Navarre Zoe

Photos of Mirabell, Miracle & Manny courtesy of Pleasant-Grove Dairy Goats
Photo of Emily courtesy of Windrush Farms
Photo of Zoe courtesy of YBNVS Dairy Goats

Moonshine ~ Offspring

Daughter: Calico-Acres MS Jordan
Dam: Barnowl Red Jazzlyn

Moonshine ~ Down thru the years

Kid Picture ~ 2017
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