M*L Legacy Nalla Rae

E2025843  ~ DOB: 05/30/19
White w/orange spot on head
50% LaMancha ~ 50% Nubian
**DNA on file**

Lone Thistle WM Savvy Sheek
SS: *B Lone Thistle CL Wizard
SD: Mint*Leaf Savvy

D: M*L Legacy Alexa Rae
DS: E&M Farms Prince Simba
DD: M*L Legacy Violet Rae
Linear Appraisal DHIR Show Records



Sharla didn't have a lot of luck with 2019 kids to add to her small recorded grade herd. Despite our herd overall having a high percentage of doelings, Sharla came up dry so when this little girl became available she jumped at the chance to add her to the herd.

Nalla is 50% Nubian and 50% LaMancha out of first freshener Alexa Rae. Alexa is a daughter of M*L Legacy Violet Rae who is a full sister to the 2016 National Champion CH Canoe Creek Victoria.  She is sired by Lone Thistle WM Savvy Sheek.

Nalla is a very correct general appearance doe that is level over her topline and stands on extremely correct feet and legs. She has a charming personality and, as the baby of the herd, is spoiled rotten!!

A year later, as a very growthy dry yearling, Nalla is still spoiled rotten. She still excels in general appearance but she also has developed a deep spring of rib and large body capacity. Her legs are some of the best in the herd and she is a powerhouse in the chest floor and escutcheon. With no shows this summer, Nalla has gotten a bit "fluffy" (she never misses a meal) but we expect she will slim down when she kids. We really can't wait to see this beautiful doe in milk next winter.

Nalla will be bred to Hatter for February kids. We feel the cross with Hatter will add that element of dairy strength we are looking for. 1st doeling will be retained. Kids will be 75% LaMancha-25% Nubian. Price $400.

Dam: M*L Legacy Alexa Rae

Sire: Lone Thistle WM Savvy Sheek

Mat. granddam: M*L Legacy Violet Rae

Full sister to Mat. granddam: CH Canoe Creek Victoria

Pat. granddam: Mint*Leaf Savvy, 2016 Spotlight Sale kid

Pat. great granddam: CH Mint*Leaf Cheer

Photos courtesy of Mint*Leaf LaManchas

Nalla ~ Down thru the years

PeeWee Kid ~ 2019
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