Shady Lawn In the Nick of Time

L1681350 ~ DOB: 03/26/14
Chamoise w/white facial stripes, legs and trim

+*B South-Fork SK Class Act ~ 93 EEE
SS: *B South-Fork TRS Sundance Kid
SD: GCH South-Fork H Cayenne 4*M ~ 92 EEEE

D: Mint*Leaf About Time ~ 87 +EVV
DS: Mint*Leaf Sundowner
DD: Mint*Leaf Timeless

Linear Appraisal


Show Records

YSA: 0-05 V (VVV)
1-04  VG 86 (VV+)



We just could not pass up this breeding between About Time and Class Act.  About Time excels in Dairy Strength being very open-ribbed, sharp over her withers, with beautiful extension of brisket and incurving thighs. She also has a lovely mammary system. Act has many outstanding daughters including the stunning SGCH Shady Lawn Classy Belle and SGCH Shady Lawn Classy Beauty.

Nick excels in general appearance and dairy strength. He is very level and correct over his topline with a deep, wide chest floor, excellent spring of rib and beautiful feet and legs. He appraised 86 VV+ in full rut this summer.

Although we only got one doe kid from Nick in 2015 we look forward to using him on several of our young does this fall.

Dam: Mint*Leaf About Time

Sire: +*B South-Fork SK Class Act

Mat. granddam: Mint*Leaf Timeless

Mat. grandsire: Mint*Leaf Sundowner

Pat. granddam:
GCH South-Fork H Cayenne 4*M

Photos of About Time and Class Act courtesy of Shady Lawn Dairy Goats
Photo of Timeless and Sundowner courtesy of Mint*Leaf LaManchas
Photo of Cayenne courtesy of South-Fork LaManchas

Nick ~ Down thru the years

Intermediate Kid - 2014


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