Opportunity Orange Charade1*M

L1698192 ~ DOB: 02/21/13
Orange and white

S: +B Kickapoo-Valley Wild Charade
SS: *B Rockin-CB KV Wild Thing ~ 90 EEV
SD: CH Kickapoo-Valley Aint Arcadia ~ 89 V+EE

D: Opportunity Battle Tested ~ 89 VEVE
DS: *B Shady Lawn Toi Battle
DD: SGCH Kickapoo-Valley Real Tirade ~ 88 VEVV

Linear Appraisal


Show Records

2-05  GP 83 (VAAV)
3-03  VG 89 (VVVV)
4-06  EX 90 (VEEE)

2-03 245 1816 76 56  
3-00 281 3074 111 81  
3-11 271 3170 127 96  

4X 1st Place 3 year old, 1X RGCH
2nd place 4 year old Iowa State Fair

This doe really caught our eye in the Opportunity herd last year. We are very impressed with the Charade daughters and have always loved Orangey's dam, Battle Tested. We were thrilled to add her to our herd late this summer where she joins paternal sisters, Charade and Skye and a paternal brother, Win.

Orangey is a smaller framed doe that is very sharp over her withers, very smoothly blended in the shoulders and with a beautiful spring of rib. She excels in body capacity and stands on a lovely set of feet and legs. Orangey really excels in mammary with lovely capacity, a high, wide rear udder and a long beautiful fore udder. Orangey had an abnormal kidding in June 2015 with a dead kid so it has taken her awhile to come back from that. Her lower appraisal scores are an indication of the struggle she went through with her difficult kidding and being moved 3X in a matter of months. We feel she has settled in beautifully here and really started to put on weight and condition. Her milk production has come way up and we are very happy with her adjustment.

Orangey freshened with a lovely mammary and lots of milk as a three year old. She was 4X 1st place 3 year old at a large competitive show and 1X RGCH.  She appraised 89 VVVV in June. We have retained a buck kid out of this lovely young doe.

Orangey is a herd favorite. Despite her smaller size frame she just excels in general appearance with the most level topline in the herd and that mammary is simply stunning. Orangey made the cut at the National Show and was 2nd place 4 year old at the Iowa State Fair.

Orangey will be bred to Mine*Leaf Decadent Sins for January kids. 1st doe will be retained. 2nd doe/bucks $700.

Dam: Opportunity Battle Tested

Mat. great-granddam: SGCH Shady Lawn Classy Beauty 2*M

Pat. granddam: CH Kickapoo-Valley Aint Arcadia ~ 89 V+EE
2010 & 2011 National Junior Champion

Pat. grand
sire: *B Rockin-CB KV Wild Thing
2011 National Premier Sire

Pat. great-granddam: Rockin-CB Soon I'm A Tease 5*M

Pat. great-great granddam: SGCH Rockin-CB QK Prankster 4*M

Photos of Tease and Prankster courtesy of Rockin-CB LaManchas
Photos of Arcadia & Wild Thing courtesy of Kickapoo-Valley Dairy Goats
Photos of Conagher & Tart courtesy of Huricane-PM Dairy Goats

Orangey ~ Down thru the years

Yearling Milker - 2014

3 year old milker ~ 2016

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