Calico-Acres LG Princess Peach

L1997132  ~ DOB: 02/03/19
Belted peach w/lt. ivory legs and trim

*B Manzinita Farm Lucky Guy
SS: *B J-Haven's Livin'w/Admiration
SD: GCH Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Fortune 4*M ~ 90 VVEE

D: Opportunity Orange Charade 1*M ~ 92 EEEE
DS: +B Kickapoo-Valley Wild Charade
DD: Opportunity Battle Tested ~ 89 VEVE
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Orangey presented us with such a pretty pair of doelings this past winter....Princess Peach and Princess Plum. Plum went to live in Iowa and Peachy was Sharla's choice to retain. She is tall and dairy and so resembles her beautiful dam in general appearance. She also has her dam's gentle, easy going temperment. Peachy looks to be developing into a taller version of Orangey taking after the size of her paternal granddam, Fortune. Peachy's dam, Orangey, appraised 92 EEEE at this summer's appraisal.

We look forward to seeing this doe in milk this coming spring. She will be bred to Hatter for April kids. Price $600.

Dam: Opportunity Orange Charade 1*M

Sire: *B Manzinita Farm Lucky Guy

Mat. granddam: Opportunity Battle Tested

Pat granddam: GCH Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Fortune 4*M

Pat great-granddam: GCH J-Haven's Livin'w/Ambition 1*M
2014 Nat'l GCH, 2018 Nat'l RGCH

Photo of Ambition courtesy of J-Haven Acres
Photo of Battle Tested courtesy of Opportunity LaManchas

Princess Peach ~ Down thru the years

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