Harmody RHFV Arabesque's Reed

AA1807106 ~ DOB: 03/09/16
Red chamoise with black trim and white markings

*B Redwood Hills Foxtrot Valor
SS: *B Redwood Hills Free Foxtrot
SD: GCH Redwood Hills Sierra Vertigo 6*M ~ 91 VEEE

D: CH Harmody IRRM Orch's Arabesque
DS: CH Iron-Rod Rhett Manchester ~ 88 VVE
DD: GCH Harmody RHTS Cantata Orchestra 9*M ~ 86 VVVV

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Show Records



Yes, Reed has upright ears! Really lovely ears!

After purchasing a foundation recorded grade doe this summer, Sharla made the decision that she wanted to breed a very small, select group of Recorded Grade does to show reminiscent of what we started with many years ago. After talking to numerous breeders she decided on the Harmody herd of Alpines. We know and trust the Larsons and know the quality of their animals and the care they receive. As luck would have it, they had a lovely prospective buck at home.

Reed is an extremely dairy correct buckling. He is sharp over the withers, long and lean in the neck and blends smoothly throughout. He also stands on a very correct set of feet and legs.  Reed's dam, Arabesque, was 2nd place-1st udder 2 year old at the 2016 National Show.  His sire is an outstanding Redwood Hills buck out of GCH Redwood Hills Sierra Vertigo.

Following the National show, we made the long trip to Colorado to bring this guy home. He will be used on a very select group of LaMancha does with the hopes of developing a small, elite group of Recorded Grade show does.

Dam: CH Harmody IRRM Orch's Arabesque

Mat. grandsire:  CH Iron-Rod Rhett Manchester

Pat. granddam: GCH Redwood Hills Sierra Vertigo

Mat. great-granddam: GCH Harmody R Bria's Cantata 8*M

Pat. granddam: SGCH Redwood Hills X-Rated Tango 6*M

Photos of Arabesque and Cantata courtesy of Harmody Alpines
Photos of Vertigo and Tango courtesy of Redwood Hills
Photos of Manchester courtesy of Rancho-Snowfall

Reed ~ Down thru the years



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