Kastdemur's S Serenity

E1846166  ~ DOB: 03/01/17
Chamoisee with dark dorsal and facial trim

+*B SGCH Kastdemur's SA Stingray "Elite Sire"
SS: ++*B SG Kastdemur's Sting
SD: SGCH Kastdemur's Avena 3*M ~ 91 EEEE
2012 ADGA National Champion

D: GCH Kastdemur's Keep Calm 5*M ~ 92 VEEE
DS: +*B Colquitt's Sebastian
DD: Kastdemur's Keep It Up 4*M ~ 86 ++VV
Linear Appraisal DHIR Show Records


2X 1st, 2X 2nd, 1X 5th  Dry Yrlg

After a buck that I had ordered from Kastdemur's wasn't born for the 2nd time in a row, we were debating what to do with our deposit and we noticed "Brown Baby's" photo. Sharla was looking for a few very select experimental doelings to add to her herd and this doe certainly seemed to fit the picture and luckily she gave us a lovely doe kid!

Serenity is very much a favorite...not only for her amazing personality but her dairy strength, outstanding feet and legs and beautiful general appearance. Her dam, Keep Calm, finished her championship easily last year.  She is just a stunning doe. Serenity is sired by Stingray who is an Avena son....who could ask for more? This doe will be one to watch for in the future!!

Serenity has turned out to be a big, framey doe while still holding onto her dairy strength and excellent feet and legs. Serenity's dam, "Brown Baby", appraised 92 VEEE this year and was 1st place Rec. Grade 4 year old at Nationals this year.

Serenity will be bred to Quong for March kids. All does will be retained. Price $600.

Dam: GCH Kastdemur's Keep Calm 5*M

Mat. granddam: Kastdemur's Keep It Up 4*M

Pat. granddam: SGCH Kastdemur's Avena 3*M

Mat. great-granddam: GCH Kastdemur's Make7UpYours 3*M

Pat. great-granddam: SGCH Colquitt's Serazina 2*M

Photos of Keep Calm, Keep It Up, Avena, Up Yours courtesy of Kastdemur's Dairy Goats
Photo of Serazina courtesy of Colquitt's Alpines

Serenity ~ Down thru the years

Intermediate Kid ~ 2017
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