Raintree KK Almond Sunrise

L2015264  ~ DOB: 05/01/19
Red chamoisee w/black trim and white belly band
**DNA on file**

*B Lucky*Star's RJ Kris K
SS: *B Rockin-CB KWY Jiangxi ~ 88 VVE
SD: SG Lucky*Star's LB Courtney 6*M ~ 91 EEEE

D: 56&Company CR Vanilla Sky ~ 89 VVEV
DS: Forrest-Pride Classic Rock ~ 90 VEE
DD: Raintree EZ Frosty Swirl 4*M ~ 88 VVVV
Linear Appraisal DHIR Show Records
2021: 2-01   NIC
1-07 278 1914 73 68 ip



What a special kid!!! The last kid born on the farm in 2019 and a charmer to boot. AND...to top it off, she is out of my favorite first freshener and a direct descendant to Caramel...what else could I ask for???

Sunny is tall, level, deep bodied and stands on beautiful legs and feet. Her dam, Sky, is our most promising first freshener with a lovely, correct mammary. Sunny is our only daughter out of Kris K who has an impressive pedigree in his own right.

Sunny really matured over the past few months....she is tall, sharp, dairy and level. She blends very smoothly through her neck and shoulders and is very deep in rib and body. She is very gangly on her rear legs right now but we feel she's just going through an awkward phase and look forward to seeing this doe in milk next spring. Her dam, Sky, freshened with a beautiful mammary...high and wide in the rear and long and smooth in the fore.

This was a rough year for Sunny...due in early January she aborted 27 days early in December with dead triplets. She was the one dry yearling who had not started to udder up at all yet but with her huge size I was determined to bring her to her milk if possible. I really detest dry 2 year olds and I figured if left dry she would be an even more obnoxious dry 2 year old who would possibly get fat! With patience, this little doe surprised us all...within a couple of weeks she was milking 8# and she held that amount for several months and then dropped to 6# which she held for months. Her udder, although still tiny, has all the right structure and we hope with a normal kidding that we will see her true potential. At appraisal, our appraiser NIC'd her feeling that she was such a tremendous doe that it wasn't fair because her immature mammary would not appraise well. We look forward to her next kidding.

Sunny will be bred to Hatter for January kids. Price $500.

Dam: 56&Company CR Vanilla Sky

Sire: *B Lucky*Star's RJ Kris K

Mat. granddam: Raintree EZ Frosty Swirl 4*M

Mat. grandsire: Forrest-Pride Classic Rock

Dam: SG Lucky*Star's LB Courtney 6*M

Sire: Rockin-CB KWY Jiangxi

Photo of Classic Rock courtesy of 56&Company LaManchas
Photos of Courtney & Jiangxi courtesy of Lucky*Star Farm

Sunny ~ Down thru the years

PeeWee Kid ~ 2019

Senior Yearling  ~ 2020
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