GCH Raintree PX Tawny 3*M

AL1582043 ~ DOB: 02/10/12
Pale orange

*B CH Litte Orchard SR Phoenix ~ 88 VEV
SS: *B Lynnhaven KT Storm Ruler ~ 84 +++
SD: GCH Little Orchard BR Pia 9*M ~ 89 VEVE

D: SGCH Barnowl Buffy AI 2*M ~ 90 VEEE
DS: ++*B Quixote Jo's Monet ~ 92 EEE
DD: SGCH Barnowl Bewitched 1*M ~ 92 EEEE
Linear Appraisal DHIR Show Records
3-05  VG 89 (VEVE)
4-03  VG 89 (VVVE)
5-07  EX 90 (EEEE)
3-00 305 3486 149 105  
4-01 280 3406 113 96  
5-00 274 3265 121 93  
5-11 33 354 16 11 ip

1X 1st & 4X 2nd Intermediate Kid
1X 1st and 1X 2nd Tri-State Classic
3X 1st, 1X 2nd, 1X RGCH, 1X GCH, 1X BOB Bluff Country Classic
1X 1xt, 3X 2nd Badger State Show
1X 1st - WI-IL Goat Show
1X 1st, 3X 3rd, 1X GCH - Tri-State Classic
1X 1st place - Olmsted County Fair
7th place - WI State Fair
2X 1st, 1X GCH, 1X RGCH, 1X BOB - Bluff Country Classic

We were thrilled to be able to bring Tawny back into our herd this summer after selling her as a yearling milker. Tawny just simply excels in dairy strength and mammary...especially mammary. She is tall and sharp over the withers, long and clean through the neck and blends smoothly through her neck and shoulders. She is very flat in the ribs with beautiful spring of rib. Her rear udder is just stunning...high, wide with a great area of attachment. This doe comes from such a long line of stunning mammaries that it is not surprising....her dam Buffy had a beautiful udder and both of her granddams, Bewitched and Pia just excelled in width of rear udder, area of attachment a height of rear udder.

Tawny is a tremendously heavy milker and could use a bit more body capacity. We would also like to see her a bit more level over the rump but she does stand on beautiful legs and feet.

Tawny is a finished champion and has not been shown in a couple of years.. She is appraised 89 VEVE and easily earned her *M in 2015 even on a incomplete lactation. Again in 2016, Tawny appraised again 89 VVVE. She has an amazing milk record going following presenting us with quads in March of 2016. In 2017, Tawny just seems to get better and better...her udder hasn't changed a bit from when she was a young doe and she still challenges all of our does in the milk pail. Tawny appraised EX 90 (EEEE) as her permanent score this year!

Tawny is bred to Traveler for January kids. 1st doe will be retained. 2nd doe and bucks $700.

Dam: SGCH Barnowl Buffy 2*M

Sire: *B CH Little Orchard SR Phoenix

Mat. granddam: SGCH Barnowl Bewitched 1*M

Mat. grandsire: ++*B Quixote Jo's Monet

Mat. granddam:
GCH Little Orchard BR Pia 9*M

Photo of Buffy and Bewitched courtesy of Barnowl LaManchas
Photo of Pia courtesy of Little Orchard LaManchas
Photo of Monet courtesy of Lucky*Star Farm

Photos of Tawny courtesy of All American Acres

Tawny ~ Down thru the years

Intermediate Kid - 2012

Milking Yearling - 2013

Two Year Old - 2014

Three Year Old ~ 2015


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