SG Raintree WIN Toffee Swirl


L1839673  ~ DOB: 02/08/17
Lt. chamoisee w/wh. on side, light trim

S: +*B
Opportunity WC Winning Colors ~ 86 VE+
SS: +B Kickapoo-Valley Wild Charade
SD: SGCH Opportunity  Colors Going Grey 1*M ~ 92 EEEE

D: SGCH Raintree OL Caramel Swirl 3*M ~ 91 VEEE
DS: +*B SGCH Devonshire MC Conaghers Outlaw ~ 90 VEE
DD: SG Raintree Calypso Truffles 2*M ~ 91 EEEE
Linear Appraisal DHIR Show Records
2-05  86 (VVVV)
2-00 240 2768 110 86 ip


2X 6th, 1X 8th

What an amazing surprise Caramel gave us in her last kidding when she presented us with TRIPLET doe kids out of Win...I could not have asked for any more from her!

Toffee was the largest of the triplets and resembled her dam the most in color and style. With a crowded barn I agreed to part with one of the triplets and Toffee was chosen to be the one. Last fall I was offered the opportunity to bring her back into the herd as a bred yearling and I jumped at the chance. The loss of Caramel was (and still is) very fresh and having 4 of her lovely daughters in the herd gave me something to go to the barn for.

Toffee freshened with a lovely, well attached capacious mammary. The down side is that Toffee has a bad habit of self nursing!! After discovering it soon after she kidded, I decided I was not going to let her ruin her beautiful udder plus I was hoping to break of the bad habit so she has worn an udder support throughout her lactation. I'm not sure if it's breaking her of the habit but it is preserving her beautiful udder and high production.  Toffee actually resembles her older sister, Frosty, a lot...she is a tall, leggy doe with a lot of body capacity and a very well attached udder. Toffee could use a bit more rear udder but her attachment is high and wide.

Toffee will be bred to Heart Throb for March kids. 1st doe will be retained. Price $600.

Dam: SGCH Raintree OL Caramel Swirl 3*M

Sire: *B Opportunity WC Winning Colors

Mat. granddam: SG Raintree Calypso Truffles 2*M

Mat. grandsire: +*B SGCH Devonshire MC Conaghers Outlaw

Pat. granddam: SGCH Opportunity Colors Going Grey 1*M

Toffee ~ Offspring

Daughters: 56&Company DWR Terra
56&Company DWR Tawny
Sire: CH 56&Company Dance with Rio

Toffee ~ Down thru the years

Senior Kid ~ 2017
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