Raintree Q Black Velvet

L2003581 ~ DOB: 03/15/19
Blk w/white band on rear leg, white on side and tip of tail

*B Barnowl Quong ~ 84 ++E
SS: *B Lone-Thistle Bastille ~ 89 VEE
SD: SGCH Barnowl Quill 1*M ~ 92 EEEE

D: Breezy Way Prince Gabriella 3*M ~ 85 VVVV
DS: Mint*Leaf ASCSM Prince
DD: Opportunity Charade Grace 2*M ~ 90 VEVE
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What a highly anticipated kid!!! I could not wait for Gabby to kid and she didn't disappoint with another set of triplets...2 bucks and a tiny doeling. Black Velvet was that tiny little doeling and her big brothers barely left her any room! With her tiny size, Velvet got a bit of a slow start in life so was not shown at the spring shows. As time has gone on, this doe is beginning to shine and will be well worth the wait!!

Velvet is very level over her topline, showing tremendous dairy strength and depth of body. She stands on very correct feet and legs and has great width of escutcheon. We hope she will be ready for the fall shows but regardless, she is a personal favorite.

Black Velvet will be a dry yearling for 2020.

Dam: Breezy Way Prince Gabriella

Sire: *B Barnowl Quong

Mat granddam: Opportunity Charade Grace 2*M

Mat.great-granddam: SGCH Opportunity Colors Going Grey 1*M

Pat granddam: SGCH Barnowl Quill 1*M

Pat grandsire: *B Lone Thistle Bastille

Photos of Quill and Bastille courtesy of Barnowl Dairy Goats

Black Velvet ~ Down thru the years

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