+*B SG Opportunity WC Winning Colors

L1683524 ~ DOB: 02/16/14
Belted black w/spots and tan legs
**DNA on file**

+B Kickapoo-Valley Wild Charade
SS: *B Rockin-CB KV Wild Thing ~ 90 EEV
SD: CH Kickapoo-Valley Aint Arcadia ~ 89 V+EE

D: SGCH Opportunity Colors Going Grey 1*M ~ 92 EEEE
DS: *B Huricane-PM Conagher Colors
DD: Opportunity Revolt Black + Tan
Linear Appraisal Show Records
YSA: 0-06 V (VEcV)
1-05  85 (V++)
3-06  86 (+VV)
5-05  86 (VE+)
ALC All American Yearling Buck
Supreme Champion Buck ALC All American

I simply love this buck's dam, Grey and was thrilled to be able to add both him and his littermate sister, Skye, to the  herd 2 years ago. Win is very stylish and showy excelling in dairy strength. He is very smoothly blended, very sharp over his withers, very level over his topline and stands on beautiful feet and legs. He has beautiful extension of brisket and great openness of ribbing.

Win's dam, Grey, excels in dairy strength, body capacity and especially mammary. She has a simply stunning udder....high and wide in the rear and long and smoothly blended in the fore with beautiful area of attachment.  Her sire is Kickapoo-Valley Wild Charade who has some very promising young offspring. Charade is sired by *B Rockin-CB KV Wild Thing who had some lovely daughters in the Kickapoo-Valley herd and has been used quite extensively. He was the 2011 National Premier Sire. Charade is out of CH Kickapoo Valley Aint Arcadia who was the 2010 and 2011 National Junior Champion and has a simply stunning mammary.

Win continues to be one of my favorite bucks. His dam, Grey, appraised a permanent 92 EEEE at this year's appraisal and is projected to a +3500M record this year. Win's biggest drawback is that he goes into rut each year in late April and by appraisal time has nearly starved himself to death....hence no appraisal score for 2016.

Win's 2015 daughters all excel in General Appearance and Dairy Strength. His first daughter kidded in January 2017 and more came into milk in 2018 and we can't say enough about the beautiful does he is siring. All excel in dairy strength and mammary.

Win has been 2X ALC All American Supreme Buck. He earned his SG designation in August 2020.

Dam: SGCH Opportunity Colors Going Grey 1*M

Mat. great-grandsire: ++*B GCH One*Oak*Hill Tweed Conagher

Mat. great-great-granddam: SGCH Huricane-PM S-Berry Tart 2*M

Pat. granddam: CH Kickapoo-Valley Aint Arcadia ~ 89 V+EE
2010 & 2011 National Junior Champion

Pat. grand
sire: *B Rockin-CB KV Wild Thing
2011 National Premier Sire

Pat. great-granddam: Rockin-CB Soon I'm A Tease 5*M

Pat. great-great granddam: SGCH Rockin-CB QK Prankster 4*M

Photos of Tease and Prankster courtesy of Rockin-CB LaManchas
Photos of Arcadia & Wild Thing courtesy of Kickapoo-Valley Dairy Goats
Photo of Grey courtesy of Pleasant Grove Dairy Goats
Photos of Conagher & Tart courtesy of Huricane-PM Dairy Goats

Win's Offspring in the Herd

Daughter: Calico Fields Win Rue
Dam: Calico Fields DS Johanna

Daughter: SG Calico Patch Win Twix
Dam: SGCH Calico Patch Oreo Cookie 1*M

Daughter: SG Calico-Lane Win Twilight
Dam: GCH Raintree PX Tawny 3*M

Daughter: SG Raintree Win Truffle Swirl
Dam: SGCH Raintree OL Caramel Swirl 3*M

Daughter: Raintree Win Butrscotch Swirl
Dam: SGCH Raintree OL Caramel Swirl 3*M

Daughter: SG Raintree Win Toffee Swirl
Dam: SGCH Raintree OL Caramel Swirl 3*M

Daughter: Calico-Acres Win Ellie
Dam: Calico Acres Mav's Josey

Daughter: Calico-Acres Win Elsa
Dam: Calico-Acres Mav's Josey

Daughter: Raintree Win Lolipop
Dam: GCH Calico Patch DS Snickers 2*M

Win ~ Down thru the years

Intermediate Kid - 2014

Yearling - 2015

 2 year old ~ 2016

3 year old ~ 2017

4 year old - 2018
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