LS Acres Turbo Bunny

L2156544 ~ DOB: 03/06/21
Chocolate with white splashes on side
**DNA on file**

S: Autumn-Acres Turbo
SS: Autumn-Acres Titan
SD: CH Autumn-Acres My Temptation

D: GCH Robin-Wood Dubonnet TS 1*M ~ 90 VEEE
DS: +*B South-Fork Toi Soldier ~ 91 EEE
DD: CH Robin-Wood Bourbon CT ~ 90 VEVE
Linear Appraisal DHIR Show Records
1X 1st Intermediate Kid
Iowa Spring Classic
11th Place Intermediate Kid
ADGA National Show (out of 28)

Originally I ordered a buck kid from this breeding....but as luck would have it, Dubonnet gave Jennifer twin does. When she offered one of the doelings to us, we just could not resist and James claimed her for his own when we brought her home.

Bunny has an irresistible personality....often choosing hugs to drinking milk...but don't worry she didn't suffer...she's a big doe with huge body capacity and power.  We love the width of chest floor, hips and escutcheon width on Bunny. She is also very level over her topline and excels in body capcity for an intermediate kid. James was extremely happy with Bunny's performance at the shows this spring and summer. He looks forward to seeing her in milk in the spring.

We have often admired Bunny's dam, Dubonnet....her strong general appearance and lovely mammary. She is also sired by Toi Soldier who has so many lovely daughters across the country. Turbo is out of the beautiful Temptation doe in the Autumn-Acres herd so this cross should excel in mammary and power!

Bunny will be bred to BJ for April kids. 1st doeling retained. $500.

Dam: GCH Robin-Wood Dubonnet TS 1*M

Autumn-Acres Turbo

Mat. granddam:
CH Robin-Wood Bourbon CT

Mat. grandsire: +*B South-Fork Toi Soldier

Pat granddam: CH Autumn-Acres My Temptation

Photos of Dubonnet & Turbo courtesy of LS Acres
Photos of Bourbon courtesy or Robin-Wood Acres
Photo of Toi Soldier courtesy of South-Fork LaManchas
Photo of Temptation courtesy of Autumn-Acres

Bunny ~ Down thru the years

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