Lucky*Star's Jax's Mai Tai

L2075672 ~ DOB: 03/12/20
Black with rust trim

S: +*B Rockin-CB KWY Jiangxi ~ 88 VVE
SS: ++*B GCH Kastdemur's Watch Yourself ~ 91 EEE
SD: SGCH Rockin-CB RZ Haiku 8*M ~ 91 EEEE

D: Lucky*Star's RD Happy Hour 5*M ~ 90 EVEV
DS: +*B SG Rockin-CB RCC Draco ~ 87 +EE
DD: SG Lucky*Star's RA Cheers 4*M ~ 91 EEEE
Linear Appraisal DHIR Show Records
1-00 31 268 14 9 ip

How exciting it was when Happy gave us twin does this spring! Mai Tai and Mocha both excel in general appearance being smoothly blended through the neck and shoulders, long and level over their toplines and standing on extremely correct feet and legs. Both does are very sharp over their withers. Mai Tai excels Mocha in body capacity but Mocha is a bit more dairy through her ribs and thighs. Both does show great width of chest and escutcheon.

Happy is a very large, level doe with a beautiful fore udder attachment. She has great depth of body and width of chest and stands on beautiful legs and feet.

Mai Tai will be bred to Sam for May kids. Price $500.

Dam: Lucky*Star's RD Happy Hour 5*M

Sire: *B Rockin-CB KWY Jiangxi

Mat granddam: SG Lucky*Sta's RA Cheers 4*M

Mat. grandsire: +*B SG Rockin-CB RCC Draco

Pat. granddam: SGCH Rockin-CB RZ Haiku 8*M

Pat. grand
sire: ++*B GCH Kastdemur's Watch Yourself

Photos courtesy of Lucky*Star Farm
Photo of Haiku courtesy of Rockin-CB LaManchas

Photo of Watcher courtesy of Kastdemur's Dairy Goats

Mai Tai~ Offspring

Calico-Lane Blazes' Avion
Sire: *B Raintree M Blazing Colors
Calico-Lane Blazes' Abita
Sire: *B Raintree M Blazing Colors

Mai Tai~ Down thru the years

Intermediate Kid ~ 2020
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