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Sunflower Website Design Portfolio

Following are the websites that I have designed and maintain...
Click on the link to visit their site...please feel free to contact any of them for references

Raintree-Calico Dairy Goats Autumn-Acres Thistle Corner

All in Farm Goats Triple Z Farm Quarter Mile Nubians

Platte Valley Goats Kapra Vista Saanens American LaMancha Breeders Association

Caelum Parvum Farm KECMR Springfield Oaks Saanens

International Nubian Breeders Assoc National Toggenburg Club Liberty Ridge LaManchas

ToadsKnoll LaManchas Alpines International Club Southern Arizona Dairy Goat Assn.

Rockin-CB LaManchas Dragonflye Farms Bear Memories

A-K Acres Rustic Vines Dairy Goats Twin Top Dairy

WTF Rabbits National Show 2016 MN Nigerian Dwarfs

Bunker Babes Century Farm Dairy Goats American Dairy Goat Products

Papa's Shoe Repair Waconia Sewing Center Greathouse Nubians

Spitfire Farm Mobile Petting Zoo Wildwood Jersey Farm Patch of Heaven Dairy Goats (Design only)

Chippewa Valley Dairy Goat Assn. Meirose Dairy Goats Body Shops/Wood & Stream

Northern Lights Goat Association Acorn Ridge Dairy Goats Velvet Acres

Spitfire Farm Mobile Petting Zoo (old) Huricane-PM Dairy Goats 2013 ADGA National Show

2012 ADGA National Show English Gardens Fiber Mill Wren Hill Farm

Cen*Cal Dairy Goats All God's Creatures Rescue 2014 ADGA National Show

Pine Crest Farm Goats Creamstone Farm ADGA Convention 2014

Kaydeebug Farm ADGA Convention 2015 National Show 2017

Forever Goat Club of Florida J'n'R Farm Raven's Haven Dairy Goats

Dry Creek Acres Deerpath Goats American LaMancha Club

Deerpath Dairy Goats Rocawood Dairy Goats Dairylicious Obs

Raintree-Calico Dairy Goats Raintree Dairy Goats (old design) J-Haven Acres
Paradise Found Farm Mellow Meadows Dairy Goats Rancho Snowfall Dairy Goats

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