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Introducing Sunflower Website Design...

It had always been my goal to start a home-business related to our dairy goats and I am
 proud to introduce Sunflower Website Design. I  have over 29 years experience breeding and showing dairy goats and even more years experience with dairy cattle. I know how to present pedigrees, performance data and pictures in a herd brochure format that will highlight your herd. Let's sit down and discuss adding a website to your marketing program today!!

The process of getting a website is really easy. All we have to do is work together to develop the site you are only imagining. Once I receive your deposit, we can get down to business. All you need to do is tell me what colors you prefer, what sites you like and what sites you don't like. Tell me if you have certain graphics that you would like me to use.

After I have this information, I can develop a site for you. I will then upload it to the web (where only you can see it) and you will have the opportunity to review it and we can work together to make changes to make it exactly what you want.

After we have developed the design you want, you can then send me the pictures and text that you want used on the site. I prefer to have everything sent via email and files can be sent in almost any format (MS Word, Notepad, Excel, pdf).  Graphics can be sent in most any format. High resolution photo files should be made smaller before sending. If you are unable to send photos by email, feel free to mail them to me and I will return them to you after scanning them.

If you have all of your information ready, it usually only takes me about 1-2 weeks to have a site up and "live" but the work doesn't end there. We can continue to fine tune it and add items as they come along. The first year of maintenance is included in the design and construction fees.  I try to do updates as they come in and they are usually completed easily within a week. I prefer to do maintenance on sites that I design. If you choose later to do your own maintenance, the
changes you make are no longer my responsibility. Also all of my designs will be copyrighted. Please be aware of that before you begin the process.

I also periodically will send out reminders that it's time to update your site...important times like kidding season, show season and breeding season when most of the updates come in but feel free to send updates whenever you have them. I will try to let you know if there will be a delay in getting your site updated.

Thanks for your interest in Sunflower Web Design...I hope to hear from you soon so we can start making your website dreams a reality.

Please feel free to visit any of the sites on my Website Portfolio and view my work.

I do not offer web hosting but strongly recommend Firebug Studios out of Michigan. Rachel Snyder offers very reasonable hosting and she is easy to work with and provides super service with a high level of internet security and a high quality support team. Contact me for more info!


  Basic Website: $250. (does not include hosting but I recommend Firebug Studios)
      Up to 10 custom pages. All pages will have the same graphics and will incorporate photos  and text
           supplied by you.
      Set of graphics using your favorite colors, artwork, etc. This will include background, logo, banner,
          buttons, dividers
      Up to 10 photos per page which includes scanning, cropping and editing
      Main page hit counter
      Unlimited hyperlinks
      Uploading files to your home page, adding meta tags,submitting to multiple search engines.
      Free website updates for 1 year included in original fees.
  Additional Rates:
     Additional html pages using the same graphics as other pages. This includes cropping and editing up to
         5 photos.     $25
     Extra photos added to your pages, including cropping and editing. $3 per photo
     Individual animal pages. Each animal will have their own html page, using the same site
         graphics as other pages.  Includes 2 photos per page. $10 per page, discount after 5 pages. 
     Maintenance of your site after the first year $20/hour minimum of 1/4 hour  Maintenance includes
         maintaining the existing pages. Creation of new pages will be billed at the normal rate of $25 per page.
     Any site requiring makeovers from other designers, remaking your site after the first year, or extensive
         work during the maintenance will be charged at $20 an hour
     Any special features such as an eCommerce (shopping cart); blog or other additional pages that are
         labor intensive $250 flat fee. Please ask for a quote if you have any questions. Shopping carts usually
         take at least 2 days to get up and running and often more depending on size. A flat fee charge works
         out to your benefit.
  Single page website: $75
     This works great for someone who just wants a presence of the web or for Spotlight Sale
         Consignments, etc. This will include a background graphic and banner, one page of html, a hit counter,
         links and uploading by FTP.
     Photos: $3 each
  Questions? Email me




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