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Following are the planned breedings  for the 2023-2024 Breeding season.

Please check out our Sales Policy before reserving a kid

NOTE: If paying by Paypal, please include the 3% service charge with your payment or send Friends and Family.

For more information on each of the animals listed below, just click on their name and you will be taken to their individual page.

NOTE: Prices below do not include shipping, kennel or CVI (health certificate)
All below prices effective November 1, 2023
NOTE: Prices and breeding info subject to change until the pregnancy is confirmed.
 Questions? Please contact us at raintree.lamancha@gmail.com

**Pregnancy confirmation by  Bio-Tracking(BT) and/or Ultrasound (U) - Due Dates based on 145 days

NOTE: We are nearly sold out for 2024 milkers. Contact us if you want to be put on a list if any become available.
We currently have a large group of spring doelings reserved so quantities will be limited until kidding season is completed.


Doe Sire Month Due/Fresh Price Kids Born Availability
GCH Rue (polled) Easter Valley Semtex S'More Fresh 1/7 $800 1 buck Nothing available
SGCH Snickers *B South-Fork SD Clarence Fresh 4/4 $800 1 doe Nothing available
SG Nita Open        
SG Gypsy Open        
Kerri Easter Valley Semtex S'More Fresh 3/6 $700 1 doe/2 bucks Nothing available
Promises *B South-Fork SD Clarence Fresh 402 $700 1 doe/1 buck Nothing available
Angel *B South-Fork SD Clarence Fresh 4/20 $600 1 doe/1 buck Nothing available

GCH Jutta

Raintree Sin's Hershey Fresh 1/7 $800 3 does Nothing available
Envy Lee's Bees Skywatch Fresh 2/11 $700 2 bucks Nothing available
Essie Shady Lawn FF Woodstock Fresh 2/26 $700 2 bucks Nothing available
Avion *B South-Fork SD Clarence Fresh 3/3 $600 1 doe/1 buck Nothing available
Shoofly AI to Windysprings Monsoon 04/10 U $700 1 doe/1 buck Nothing available
Sky Open Fresh 11/22      

First Freshening 2 year olds:

Ember *B South-Fork SD Clarence Fresh 4/2 $600 1 buck/1 doe Nothing available

First Freshening Yearlings:

Ireen South-Fork CR Lancelot Fresh 2/15 $600 1 buck Nothing available
Calamity *B Lone Thistle Spice Guy 05/01 U $500 1 doe Nothing available


Doe Sire Month Due/Fresh Price Kids Born Availability
Deliah *B Raintree M Blazing Colors Fresh 3/1 $600 1 buck/1 doe Nothing available
Crossfit *B South-Fork SD Clarence Fresh 3/12 $600 2 does Nothing available
Bluebell Shady Lawn FF Woodstock Fresh 3/3/24 $600 1 buck/1 doe Nothing available

First Freshening Yearlings:

Chives *B South-Fork SD Clarence Fresh 4/1 $500 1 buck/1 doe Nothing available
Stardust Easter Valley Semtex S'More Fresh 3/7 $400 1 doe Nothing available
Moondancer Easter Valley Semtex S'More Fresh 3/15 $400 2 bucks Nothing avaiable


     Thanks so much for your interest in our LaMancha herd. We have tried to include all pertinent information on each doe but if you have any questions or need additional information, please don't hesitate to give us a call.  A health certificate (certificate of veterinary inspection is usually $50)  as well as any additional health tests and shipping costs including an airline approved kennel are the responsibility of the buyer and must be paid in full prior to shipping. If you are taking the animal across state lines out of Wisconsin, state law requires that they be accompanied by a health certificate. We charge an additional $75 delivery fee to the airport as we ship out of Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport which is over a 350 mile round trip for us. We also charge a $100 labor fee for International sales. All animals must be paid in full before they leave the farm. We do not accept payment plans after you take possession of the animal.  You are welcome to make payments on your purchase prior to and up until 2 weeks after they are born but they must be paid in full by that time or they will be offered to the next herd in line and your payments will be non-refundable.

     We receive many questions regarding delivery and boarding of animals past a month of age. We greatly prefer that you plan to ship/pick up your reserved kid by 4 weeks of age. We have limited space and need to keep making room for those animals that we are keeping. If you can't arrange to have your animal picked up or shipped, we charge $1.00 per day per animal after 4 weeks of age. As far as delivery, it can be arranged if we are making a trip in your direction but please contact us ahead of time to find out costs and make arrangements. We do NOT deliver for free. Mature animals need to be picked up within 2 weeks after purchase unless prior arrangements are made and boarding will still be charged on does remaining more than 2 weeks after they become available. If we are holding an animal for an extended time as part of a delivery trip, they must be paid in full within 2 weeks after you have committed to buy them. We will not hold an animal that is not paid in full. Please consider when a doe is due before reserving a kid. We freshen many does in January and February and prefer not to hold these kids until spring so please be sure you can handle that kid once he or she is a month of age.

     Kids are raised on a strict CAE-prevention program and have been since 1988. All kids are removed from their dam's at birth and raised on powdered colostrum and pasteurized goat's milk and each batch of milk is carefully temped, but we do not test our herd on a regular basis.  We are more than willing to test any adult animal for CAE at the buyer's expense but WE WILL NOT REPLACE AN ANIMAL AFTER IT HAS BEEN EXPOSED TO ANOTHER HERD AND LATER TESTS POSITIVE FOR ANYTHING. Please note that our entire herd is CL vaccinated so any testing for CL after the animal is vaccinated will result in a positive test. Please be aware of this if purchasing from us.

     Kids receive free choice clover-trefoil mix hay and water as well as a starter grain with a coccidiastat in it. We are on a regular vaccination program using Inforce 3 as well as Essential 3+T and the new Texas Labs CL vaccine. With the discontinuation of the Texas Labs CL Vaccine in the summer of 2021, we will again be vaccinating for CL using Case-Bac. Kids will be vaccinated in the fall after birth but will not be boostered in later years due to reactions.  Animals receive annual BoSe shots and are wormed as needed. We feed a 16% mixed grain ration to the milking herd as well as clover-trefoil mixed hay. Free choice salt and minerals are available to all.

     2013 and 2014 were amazing years for us in the show ring. We finished several favorite does and earned multiple dry legs on junior does. Caramel continued to amaze us with her steady, high production while traveling to multiple shows and earning multiple BIS and BUIS awards. We attended the National Show in both St. Paul, MN in 2013 and in Louisville, KY in 2014 and were thrilled with our placings, topping it off by earning Best 3 Junior Does at the 2014 National Show with Kalypso, CitCat and Cinnamon.

     In 2015 we made the decision to cut back some on showing. We attended the Iowa Dairy Goat Association Spring Classic (quad ring show of over 400 head) show in late May. Kalinda finished her championship there....16 months into her lactation. Maisey picked up another leg and both Frosty and Candy Cane earned dry legs with Grand Champion Junior Doe wins. Candy went on to be named Best Junior Doe in show. While we attended the 2015 National Show in Redmond, OR, it was only to work on the National Show Committee. We would have loved to have our herd there the nearly 4000 mile northern journey through the mountains was more than I wanted to tackle with a stock trailer and we preferred to leave them at home in preparation for linear appraisal just 2 weeks after Nationals.

     In 2016, we again limited our showing to the Iowa Spring Classic and Nationals. At the Spring Classic (a quad ring show) we were 4X BOB doe (Cookie 1X and Kalista 3X), 3X GCH doe (Kalista finishing her championship) 1X RGCH with Orangey, and 4X GCH Jr Doe (Ginger 1X, Snickers 1X and Parti Tyme 2X…each earning their dry leg) and 1X BJDIS with Parti Tyme. Nationals earned us a 3rd place Senior kid with Snickers, 16th and 18th place senior kids with Ginger and Parti Tyme, 8th place yearling  milker with Deliah, 12th place yearling milker with Fallyn, 15th place 5 & 6 year old with Cookie and 20th place 2 year old with Charade.  Linear in early June was amazing with all does over 2 appraising 87 or higher. 3 does received permanent scores with Kalinda 90 EEVE, Cookie 91 EEEE and Grey 92 EEEE…what a wonderful day!

     2017 was a very busy year for us personally. Both Sharla and I were on the National Show committee and with my job of chairing the show, we had no time for our usual spring shows. We showed at Nationals with a limited string and the following placings: Pal 6th, Lily and Gracie 14th, Dreamy and Cookie 17th and Ginger 20th in the LaMancha show. Classes were all large and many lovely does did not make the cut this year. In the Recorded Grades, Josey was 14th, Ariel and Deliah 15th and Belle 19th.  We then attended the Iowa State Fair in August and were named the Premier LaMancha Exhibitor of show with many top placings including 1st place Dry yearling and 1st place Jr. Get of Sire. Appraisal in September was amazing with Kalista and Tawny both going permanent EX. Gracie and Orangey were also appraised EX and our two first fresheners, Rue and Parti Tyme were both appraised 89 with Rue appraising EX in mammary as a 1st freshener! All of our purebred LaManchas scored 89 or higher!!

      2018 has been a great year! We made the decision to skip appraisal this year as we have appraised every year for many years and the planned May appraisal was just too early for our cold weather location.  In July we attended the Northern WI State Fair after a hiatus of a few years…and it was a great show.  Cookie was named Best Senior Doe in Show and Best Udder in Show in Ring 1 and Grey was named Best Senior Doe in Show in Ring 2. Belle was named Best Junior Doe in Show in Ring 1 also. Rue picked up a GCH leg and Deliah picked up 2 GCH legs. In junior does, Belle was 2x GCH Rec. grade junior doe. Kiwi and Butrscotch were both GCH Jr. Does. Picking up reserve grand champion wins were Butrscotch, Fancy, Jordan and Aurora. We also had the 1st and 2nd place Dairy Herds as well as 1st in all of the other group classes. In August we again attended the Iowa State Fair and we can't stress how much we love this show and the Iowa breeders who work so hard to put it on. It was a GREAT show!!! We had the 1st place under 4 months kid (Brandy) ,     1st and 3rd jr. kids (Confetti & Pixie), 2nd and 6th Intermediate kids (Fancy and Raven), 1st Senior Kid (Kiwi) and 3rd and 6th Dry yearlings. Fancy was then named RGCH Jr. Doe and our Sins Junior Get was 1st. In the Rec. grade show, we had the 1st & 3rd intermediate kids (Aurora and Jordan) and 1st dry yearling (Belle). Belle was named GCH Jr. Doe and Aurora was named RGCH Junior Doe.

     In the Iowa State Fair senior doe show, we had the 2nd and 3rd yearling milkers (Truffles and Gypsy), 1st and 4th 2 year olds (Snickers and Twix), 2nd 3 year old (Rue) and 1st 4 year old (Gracie). Snickers was also named GCH Senior Doe. We had the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place Champion Challenge does with Snickers ultimately being named Best of Breed and  Best Udder of Breed. We also had the 1st place Dairy Herd, Senior Get (Win), Dam and Daughter (Gracie and Grey), 1st Produce of Dam (Gracie and Gypsy) and 1st Best 3. In the Recorded Grade show we had the 2nd place yearling milker.

     Our final show of the year was the Central WI State Fair where we again had the GCH Junior Doe (Fancy), GCH Senior Doe (Snickers) and BOB Doe (Cookie) on day one. We also had the GCH and RGCH Rec. grade junior does. On day 2 we had the GCH and RGCH Junior LaMancha does (Fancy and Raven), GCH and RGCH Senior Does (Cookie and Twix) and Best of Breed (Cookie). We also won all the LaMancha group classes. In the Recorded grade show we had both the GCH and RGCH junior does with Aurora and Jordan.

     2019 was a busy family year and with my involvement in the ADGA National Show and subsequent trip to Oregon to help with the show, we made the difficult decision to limit our shows this year. Consequently, we only made it out to one show in early June…the Little Falls Show in MN. We took a limited group of does and milkers, Gabby, Hyssop and Rainy all were reserve grand champion. Flurrie was the star of the day with 3X 1st, 2X RGCH and 1X GCH earning her dry leg.  We had a great appraisal session in late July with Grey appraising 92 EEEE at 8 years, Orangey appraising 92 EEEE at 6 years, Snickers appraising 92 EEVE at 3 years and Cookie appraising 91 VEEE at 8 years following a rough delivery and c-section. We were extremely happy with all of our scores.

     As we all know, 2020 has been a difficult year. Our show plans and linear appraisal plans have, so far, all been cancelled.  Hopefully we will be able to attend a couple of late summer/fall shows but, if not, we will survive. Our goals to breed a structurally correct, long-lived, high producing doe will continue. We will continue our emphasis on high milk production and official DHIR testing. We'll just have a bit more time to stop and smell the flowers, and spend time with these amazing animals that make our lives more complete.

     2021 has been a super busy year. When I agreed to co-chair the ADGA National Show we all underestimated the stress and hard work that a show held in a Covid + world would entail.  We were able to attend the Iowa Spring Classic in early June with a full show string and were extremely happy with our results. Lolipop was 4X 1st place senior kid and 1X GCH Jr. Doe. Mimosa was 3X 1st place senior yearling and 2X GCH Jr. Doe and 1X RGCH Jr. doe. Avion was 4X 1st place junior kid and 2X Reserve GCH Jr. Doe. Our milkers all had solid placings with Angel Dust picking up her 1st unrestricted leg as GCH Senior doe as a yearling milker over a very large competitive group of older does. Bluebell was 3X 1st place Rec. grade yearling milker and Deliah picked up a couple of 1st place wins.

     With my work commitments we made the decision to take a smaller show string to Nationals but were thrilled with the outcome. Michael's junior kid, Avion, was 3rd place  and 1st place in the youth embedded show. She then went on to be named Youth Premier LaMancha Junior Doe. Michael was over the moon! James' Bunny was 11th place Intermediate kid out of 28. In the senior kid class, Lolipop was 4th and Cuddles was 9th out of 26 and in the senior yearling class Mimosa was 5th out of 38. We took a limited amount of milkers but Angel Dust was 13th yearling milker (one of the youngest and smallest in the class). Snickers was a star...18 months into her lactation (fresh January 2020) she placed 12th in a very competitive 5 & 6 year old class and earned all 4 productions awards (High 305 milk and fat and High Lifetime milk and fat). The highlight was when she was named the LaMancha Total Perfomer! And our herd was then awarded the Herdsmanship award!

     We ask for a $100 deposit to reserve kids. ($200 if the animal is going out of the country.) This is non-refundable if you cancel your order. We do not hold buck kids without a deposit. If the kid you have chosen is not born or is not acceptable for us to sell, we will refund your deposit or allow you to choose another kid. While we will accept a deposit on a buck kid out of a first freshener, we will make the final decision on that sale after the doe has freshened.  We will contact you as soon as possible after your kid is born and prefer that you pick it up or make arrangements for shipping within one month, unless prior arrangements have been made. If you plan to have your kid shipped by air, please make arrangements to send a 300 or 400 airline approved carrier as soon as you are notified. The balance of the payment is expected within 2 weeks after the birth of the kid or it will be offered to someone else. We prefer your final payment is made by money order or cash (Paypal is fine if sent friends and family). Please indicate a 2nd and 3rd choice kid when you send your deposit. If you anticipate longer than a 4 week wait to pick up your animal, it must be paid in full and boarding will be charged after 4 weeks. As always we reserve the right to retain any kid born on the farm. Deposits will be taken in order received based on postmark (or paypal) date.

     We normally plan to retain a first kid out of the majority of our does unless we are contacted about them but we retained a large group of dry yearlings for 2022 so a large percentage of our doe kid crop in 2021 will be for sale. Group discounts will be available so contact us early. Please feel free to email us if you see a particular kid you want. Prices for kids are listed on each doe's page as well as our kidding schedule page . We will not be taking deposits on any polled doe kids for 2022 but will maintain a list of those looking for polled genetics. Available kids will be posted on our For Sale page and also on our Facebook page. Buck kids will only be retained if pre-ordered so please contact us early.

     We will have a few select show quality dry yearlings available in the spring of 2022 as we are holding a larger than normal group of kids over dry this year. These will be first come-first served so get your deposits in early. Contact us for more information! We will also have a large group of young milkers for sale once kidding is completed in early May 2022.

     To view a copy of our 2021-22 Sales policy, please click here. (pdf file) If you have any questions about our policies, please ask before purchasing.

    If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us. Visitors are always welcome, but please let us know ahead of time. The best time to call us is between 6:00 and 8:00 pm CST. Please leave a message if we are not available or feel free to E-mail us. Again, thanks so much for visiting with us.

Raintree-Calico Dairy Goats
Deb & Sharla Macke
James Olson-Nagel and Michael Nagel
N3690 Elmwood Rd.
Hawkins, WI  54530

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