4JB RRF/Choca's Deliah 1*M

E1735280  ~ DOB: 02/16/15
Lt. Brown with white trim, elf ears

*B CH Rowe's Rialto Red Ferrari ~ 89 VEV
SS: +*B Rowe's Maddison Rialto ~ 90 VEE
SD: SGCH Rowe's Robinwood Fiesta 8*M ~ 92 VEEE

D: Huricane-PM GSV Destintobgreat ~ 91 EEEE
DS: +*B Goat-San Victor
DD: SGCH Huricane-PM SFTC Destiny 7*M ~ 91 VEEE

Deliah was #10 for Milk, #5 for Fat and #5 (tie) for Protein on the 2017 ADGA Experimental Breed Leader List.

Linear Appraisal DHIR Show Records
2-06  VG 85 (+VVV)
1-02 258 2172 86 68  
2-00 305 3196 132 106 Top Ten
3-00 305 3454 127 117  
4-00 24 375 18 15 ip


1X 1st, 1X RGCH
8th Place Milking Yearling ADGA Nationals
2X 1st, 2X GCH

Sharla was looking for a foundation doe to start a small, select herd of Recorded Grades when Jeremy Bethel offered this bred yearling as the 2016 National Show Raffle doeling. Although we were unable to accept a doe that was due to freshen, this doe really caught our eye and Jeremy was willing to part with her so we picked her up at the National show where she was 8th place milking yearling.

Deliah is very correct throughout with a lovely, well attached mammary. She is very immature for her age but we really feel this doe will be one to watch in the future. She handled the change of herds like an old pro and we look forward to seeing her with a second freshening under her belt. After being home for over two weeks, she is really starting to put on body and her milk production has increased...this is going to be an exciting doe to watch in the future!

Deliah made the cut easily in Madison at the National show but got very sick after we returned home. She recovered in time for the Iowa State Fair but had lost quite a bit of weight. The judge mentioned how very much he liked her but felt she needed more substance and we feel time will help her regain her weight and bloom lost with her illness. She completed over 3100#M as a 2nd freshening 2 year old.

 Deliah had a wonderful 3 year old year going 2X 1st and 2X Grand Champion at her first show out.  I accidentally left Deliah home when we left for the Iowa State Fair (oops...it was dark!) but she finished out the year being 2X 2nd at her last show. Deliah was also on the 2017 Experimental Breed Leader list in all 3 catagories! We can't wait to watch this beautiful doe mature!

Deliah will be bred to Sins for March kids in a repeat breeding from 2018.
Her kids will be 75% LaMancha-25% Togg.
1st doe will be retained, 2nd doe $600.

Dam: Huricane-PM GSV Destintobgreat

Sire: *B CH Rowe's Rialto Red Ferrari

Mat. granddam: SGCH Huricane-PM SFTC Destiny 7*M

Mat. grandsire: *B Goat-San Victor

Pat. granddam:
SGCH Rowe's Robinwood Fiesta 8*M

Photos of Destiny & Victor courtesy of Huricane-PM Dairy Goats
Photos of Destintobgreat, Fiesta & Ferrari courtesy of 4 JB Dairy Goats

Deliah ~ Offspring

Daughter: Calico-Acres Mav's Josey
Sire: Manzinita Farm Maverick

Daughter: Calico-Acres Sin's Aurora
Sire: Mint*Leaf Decadent Sins

Daughter: Calico-Acres Sin's Alice
Sire: Mint*Leaf Decadent Sins

Deliah ~ Down thru the years

Kid ~ 2015

Yearling Milker ~ 2016

Two Year Old ~ 2017
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