Reference Animals


SGCH Raintree OL Kricket 2*M
3-03  EX 90 (EEVE)
YSA 2008: V (VVEc)
YSA 2007: V (VEcV)

S: +*B SGCH Devonshire MC Conaghers Outlaw ~ 90 VEEE
SS: +*B SGCH One*Oak*HIll Tweed Conagher ~ 92 EEEE
SD: SGCH FDF-Pleasant-Fields Mix ~ 91 EEEE

D: SG Raintree Calypso Kassidy 1*M ~ 87 VVVV
DS: +*B SGCH South-Fork Charming Calypso ~ 90 EEE
DD: CH Raintree Dion Jasmine ~ HES-90 VEEE

What can I say about this beautiful doe? She freshened again as a 4 year old with a truly amazing mammary and tons of milk. She excelled in dairy character being extremely tall and sharp over the withers, long and lean in the neck and incurving in the thighs. She was veyr wide in the chest with great depth of body. She had a very high, wide rear udder with a long, smoothly attached fore udder with tremendous capacity. As ad added bonus, Kricket was one of a small group of polled does in our herd.

Kricket wasn't just a "pretty face" in the herd...she definitely knew how to milk with 3 consecutive Top Ten records. Her records were: 1-10   305  3510  142  102; 2-09  305  3513  156  112 and 4-1  305  3586  173  112.

Kricket was our first Outlaw daughter in milk and we were simply thrilled over the way she matured over the years. We love the power and style that Outlaw gave to his offspring and she was one of his best and brightest. Kricket finished easily at her first show out in 2010 going GCH, BOB and BUOB. She then appraised EX 90 which was just icing on the cake! At the final show of the 2010 season, Kricket was named BOB. In 2011 she again made a splash at the first show of the season...fresh just 3 weeks she was 2X BOB, 2X BUOB and 2X BUIS! She finished the fall show season with a GCH, BOB and BUOB win!! And we were so excited to plan for her debut at the 2012 ADGA National show.

The morning we were to leave for nationals, we lost this very special doe to complications of heat stress. I can't explain the heartbreak I have felt over her loss, or how I look for her every time I walk in the barn.....some animals just can't be replaced and she was one of them. She took a part of my heart with her and I miss her every day.

Kricket left only 2 daughters in our herd...Kalinda who is due to kid in January 2014 and Kalista who is due in March 2014. She has a beautiful son in the Kary Dairy Goat herd in CA and another lovely son in the Thiesing herd in MN.


SGCH Raintree Eros Coco 1*M
8-06  EX 91 (EEEE)

S: *B Terrapin Acres Jumping Eros ~ HES-90 VEE

D: CH Raintree Eggman Daisy ~ HES-91 VEEE

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CH Raintree Paint Tangie

S:  *B CH Winterwood's WM Wild Paint ~ HES-90 VEEE
SS: +*B GCH Winterwood's Maestro
SD: GCH Winterwood's D Wildflower 1*M

D: CH Raintree Hercules Tiger Lily ~ HES-89 VEEE
DS: CH Hobby Farm Joey's Hercules AI
DD: Mellow Meadows Desiree ~ HES-90 EVVE



CH Raintree Eggman Daisy

S: Mancha-Meadows Michael Eggman HES-88 VVV
SS: *B Crazy Hollow Michael
SD: Wild Wing's TNT's Carmella

D: CH Raintree Hercules Tiger Lily ~ HES-89 VEEE
DS: CH Hobby Farm Joey's Hercules
DD: Mellow Meadows Desiree ~ HES 90 EVVE


CH Raintree Hercules Tiger Lily

S: CH Hobby Farm Joey's Hercules
SS: +*B One*Oak*Hill Medicine Jumper
SD: GCH Hobby Farm RS Hilary

D: Mellow Meadows Desiree
DS: Haute Caprine Sam
DD: Mellow Meadows Y Silvia


Mellow Meadows Desiree
91-M  89-DC 85-BC 90-GA

S:  Haute Caprine Sam
SS: ++*B Haute Caprine Doctor A
SD: Haute Caprine Day Tripper

D: Mellow Meadows Y Silvia
DS: ++*B Capradale Yukon Jack A
DD: Union Station Sandy


SGCH Tempo Pavlovna 9*M
5-04  EX 90 (VEEE)

S: ++*B SG Kastdemur's Tach Lach ~ 88 VEE

D: SGCH Tempo Kristi 8*M ~ 88 VVVV

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+*B SGCH Devonshire MC Conagher's Outlaw
3-05  EX 90 (VEE)

S: +*B GCH One*Oak*Hill Tweed Conagher ~ 92 EEE
SS: ++*B GCH One*Oak*Hill Mac Tumble Weed ~ 91 EEE
SD: CH One*Oak*Hill Harlequin Marin 1*M ~ 89 VEEE

D: SGCH FDF-Pleasant-Fields Mix 2*M ~91 EEEE
DS: ++*B GCH One*Oak*Hill Mac Tumble Weed ~ 91 EEE
DD: GCH One*Oak*Hill Medicine Match 1*M



+B GCH Altrece JD Firestorm
2-07  EX 90 (EVE)

S: Autumn-Acres Jrumalon
SS: ++B One*Oak*Hill Tumbleweed Talon ~ 90 EEE
SD: SGCH One*Oak*Hill Tweed Jrupent ~ 92 EEEE

D: GCH Altrece Dandelion Fire 1*M ~ 90 VEEE
DS: ++*B GCH Altrece Single Six ~ 90 EVE
DD: Hibb-Herd Exotic Dancer


+*B SGCH South-Fork Charming Calypso
3-06  EX 90 (EEE)

S: ++*B SG Redwood Hills Beau Charmer
SS: +*B Hammerich's Zebas Charmer Beau AI
SD: Redwood-Hills Seuss Chiquita 4*M

D: GCH South-Fork Silver Cierra 4*M ~ 91 EEEE
DS: *B Aspen-Hill's Silver Streak ~ 89 VEE
DD: GCH South-Fork Candy Kisses 3*M ~  90 EEEE


*B Barnowl Eldredge

Barnowl Oz
SS: +B SG Kickapoo Valley Travis
SD: SGCH Barnowl Buffy 1*M ~ 90 VEEE

D: SGCH Tempo Elena ~ 90 EEEV
DS: ++*B SG Hogg's-Hideaway Chalupa
DD: GCH Tempo Katya ~ 90 VEEE


*B CH Winterwood's WM Wild Paint

S: +*B GCH Winterwood's Maestro
SS: *B Windysprings Candyman Zephyr
SD: GCH Winterwood's D Andante 4*M

D: GCH Winterwood's D Wildflower
DS: ++*B GCH  Companeros Pierre Dividend
DD: Winterwood's Buttercup


*B SGCH Terrapin Acres Jumping Eros

S: +*B One*Oak*Hill Medicine Jumper
SS: ++*B Winterwood's the Medicine Man
SD: One*Oak*Hill Mac JArupa 1*M

D: SG Terrapin Acres Indy's Elation ~ HES-91 EEEE
DS: *B Terrapin Acres Key Indicator
DD: Elm*Glen Mini Elegance




*B CH Raintree EL MacDoogle
2-06  VG 88 (VVV)

S: *Barnowl Eldredge

D: Raintree FS Morgan ~ 86 VVE+ (FF)

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+*B GCH Kastdemur's Act of Defiance
2-06  EX 90 (EEV)

S:  +*B Kastdemur's Deviant ~ 90 VEE

D: Kastdemur's Bad Apple ~ 91 VEEV

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Shady Lawn In The Nick of Time
1-04  VG 86 (VV+)

S: +*B South-Fork SK Class Act ~ 93 EEE

D: Mint*Leaf About Time ~ 87 +EVE

J-Haven's RS Denim Sunset
3-04  VG 86 (VV+)

S: Autumn-Acres Rise & Shine

D: CH J-Haven's FT Soft As Gingham ~ 90 EVVE



*B Harmody RHFV Arabesque's Reed

S: *B Redwood Hills Foxtrot Valor

D: CH Harmody IRRM Orch's Arabesque


Manzinita Farm Lucky Guy

S: *B J-Haven's Livin' W/Admiration

D: GCH Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Fortune 3*M ~ 90 VEVE

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