LaMancha & Experimental
Mature Does

LaMancha Mature Does

GCH (pend) Calico Fields WIN Rue 1*M
8-03   91 EEEV

S: SG +*B Opportunity WC Winning Colors ~ 86 VE+

D: Calico Fields DS Johanna

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SGCH Calico Patch DS Snickers 2*M
5-04  91 EEEE

S: J-Haven's RS Denim Sunset ~ 86 VV+

D: Raintree SL CitCat 1*M ~ 89 VEVV

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SG Tempo Karenita 11*M
7-00   91 EEEE

S: SG +*B Lone-Thistle Presto ~ 91 EEE

D: SGCH Tempo Karenina 10*M ~ 92 EEEE

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SG Raintree M Gypsy Magic 2*M
6-03  91 EEEE

S: *B Barnowl Merlin ~ 88 VVV

D: SGCH Opportunity Colors Going Grey 1*M ~ 92 EEEE

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Tempo Kerrigan 12*M
4-07  89 VVVV

S: +*B Goat-San Vito

D: SG Tempo Karenita 11*M ~ 91 EEEE

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Shady Lawn Fast Promises 3*M
4-03  90 VEEV

S: All-American Fast N Furious ~ 88 VVE

D: GCH Dream Isle Peach A La Mode 2*M

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Double Vision Yahtzee 1*M
2-07  89 VEEE (FF score)

S: *B Tempo Blade Cutting Edge ~ 88 VVV

D: CH Little Orchard SM Spider ~ 90 EVEE

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Raintree Sin's Angel Dust
3-03   86 VVVV

S: Mint*Leaf Decadent Sins ~ 91 EEE

D: SG Raintree M Gypsy Magic 2*M ~ 91 EEEE

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GCH (pend) Tempo ET Jutta 11*M
3-02   87 VVVV

S: +*B Goat-San Vito

D: SGCH Tempo Sochi 10*M ~ 90 EEEE

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Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Essence
2-03 87 VVVV

S: Mint*Leaf Master of Disguise

D: GCH Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Luv Potion

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Calico-Lane Blazes' Avion
2-02  85 VVVG

S: *B Raintree M Blazing Colors ~ 88 VVE

D: Lucky*Star's Jax's Mai Tai ~ 85 VV+V

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Experimental Mature Does

4JB RRF/Choca's Deliah 1*M
(50% LaMancha ~ 50% Togg)
6-03   90 VEEE
S: +*B GCH Rowe's Rialto Red Ferarri ~
89 VEV

D: SG Huricane-PM GSV Destintobgreat ~ 91 EEEE

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Tempo Crossfit 7*M
(50% LaMancha ~ 50% Togg)
3-06   87 GEVV

S: *B Tempo Aquila Livingston

D: SGCH Tempo Shauna 6*M ~91 VEEE

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Acorn Ridge MDL Bluebell
(50% Togg ~ 50% Alpine)
3-03   88 VVVV

S: Missdee's BO Sir Lancelot

D: Nesheminy Oaks RIV Beatrice

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