Shady Lawn Fast Promises 3*M

PL2007027 ~ DOB: 02/05/19
Black with frosted ears, nose and chest
**DNA on file ~ Parentage Verified**

Link to ADGA Genetics

S: All American Fast N Furious ~ 88 VVE
SS: Iron*HIll Supersonic Speed
SD: SGCH Opportunity Colors Going Grey 1*M ~ 92 EEEE

D: GCH Dream Isle Peach a la Mode 2*M
DS: *B Dream Isle Chocolatier
DD: Dream Isle All Over Da' Place

Linear Appraisal DHIR Show Records
4-03   90 VEEV
3-01 236 2556 88 94  
4-00 235 2414 93 88  
5-01 14 114 4 5 ip
1X 1st Senior Kid, 1X GCH Jr. Doe
2X 1st 2 year old, 2X RGCH
2X 3rd, 1X 4th, 1X 6th Mid-MN Classic
6X 1st place 4 year old Mid-MN Classic

What an exciting addition to our herd. We have always admired the lovely Fast N Furious daughters in the Shady Lawn herd and were thrilled when April offered one to us. They all excel in general appearance and mammary much like their paternal granddam, Grey....they remind me so much of her!!

Promises was just days away from kidding when she joined our herd, bred to *B Kastdemur's Tsunami. She presented us with lovely doe-buck twins just days later (see Ember) She freshened with a stunning udder and lots of milk. Unfortunately Promises became very uneven early in her lactation. We will be dry treating her in the hopes that her udder will return to normal next lactation.

Promises freshened with a much more even udder although she still went a bit uneven as we got closer to show season. We will again treat her to correct that this fall. Promises was 6X 1st place 4 year old at the Mid-MN Classic, the dam of the 1st place Produce of Dam and a member of the 1st place Dam & Daughter at the District 4 LaMancha Specialty. She appraised 90 VEEV at appraisal this summer.

Promises has 2 lovely daughters in the herd. Her Tsunami dry yearling, Ember, was 3X 1st place Senior Yearling and 2X GCH Jr. doe at the Mid-MN Classic and District 4 LaMancha Specialty. She also has an Intermediate Kid, Lace,  who was also 1st place at the shows this summer.

Promises will be bred to Clarence for April kids. Price $600.

Dam: GCH Dream Isle Peach a la Mode 2*M

All American Fast N Furious

Mat. granddam: Dream Isle All Over Da' Place

Mat. grandsire: *B Dream Isle Chocolatier

Pat. granddam: SGCH Opportunity Colors Going Grey 1*M

Pat. grand
sire: Iron*Hill Supersonic Speed

Photos of Promises, Peach, All Over Da Place & Chocolatier courtesy of Dream Isle LaManchas
Photos of Fast N Furious courtesy of Shady Lawn Dairy Goats
Photo of Speed courtesy of Iron*Hill Dairy Goats

Promises ~ Offspring

Daughter: Shady Lawn KT Ember
Sire: *B Kastdemur's Tsunami

Son: Shady Lawn KT Firestorm
Sire: *B Kastdemur's Tsunami
Owned by McKinsey Gotham

Daughter: Raintree BJ Lace
Sire: J-Haven's MM Blue Jeans
Son: Raintree BJ Denim
Sire: J-Haven's MM Blue Jeans
Owned by Faythe Stone-Broka

Promises ~ Down thru the years

Senior Kid - 2019

Dry Yearling ~ 2020

Two Year Old ~ 2021

Three Year Old ~ 2022
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