Senior Herdsires


*B SG Lucky*Star's LX Forceplay
4-04  89 (VEE)

S: ++*B SGCH Lucky*Star's AV Xavier ~ 93 EEE 'Elite'

D: SGCH Lucky*Star's RY Acclaim 3*M ~ 92 EEEE

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Mint*Leaf Decadent Sins
2-05  87 (VEV)

S: *B Huricane-PM HSW Decadent

D: CH Mint*Leaf Sirus Auburn

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*B Barnowl Quong
1-04  84 (+V+)

S: *B Lone Thistle Bastille ~ 82 +VV

D: SGCH Barnowl Quill ~ 92 EEEE

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*B Fir- Meadow JSF Karamel
1-02  88  VVE

S: *B Lucky*Star's GE Josef ~ 84 ++E

D: SG Fir Meadow EXL Faith 3*M ~ 90 VEEE

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