LaMancha and Experimental
Milking and Dry Yearlings


LaMancha First Fresheners for 2023

Calico-Acres HT Clara

S: *B Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Heart Throb ~ 89 VVE

D: Platte Valley Juliet 2*M ~ 90 VVEE

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Calico Fields MH Nissa

S: *B Kastdemur's HW Mad Hatter ~ 90 VEE

D: Breezy Way Prince Gabriella 3*M ~ 88 VVV+

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Raintree MH Kit Kat

S: *B Kastdemur's HW Mad Hatter ~ 90 VEE

D: SGCH Calico Patch DS Snickers 2*M ~ 91 EEEE

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LaMancha Dry Yearlings for 2023

Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Antidote

S: *B Kastdemur's Route 66

D: CH (pend) Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Potion

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Shady Lawn KT Ember

S: *B Kastdemur's Tsunami

D: Shady Lawn Fast Promises

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Experimental Dry Yearlings for 2023

Shady Lawn Crede's Pandora

S: Lee's Bees Credence

D: Kastdemur's Brooklyn

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