Acorn Ridge MDL Bluebell

E2096053 ~ DOB: 03/03/20
Two tone chamoisee
50% Toggenburg - 50% Alpine

S: Missdees BO Sir Lancelot
SS: +*B Missdee's CC Bolero
SD: SG Missdee's CA Lilac 5*M ~ 92 EEEE

D: Neshaminy Oaks RIV Beatrice
DS: *B Legendairy RHAP Rhiveter
DD: Neshaminy Acres Maui Bryndle
Linear Appraisal DHIR Show Records
1-03   85 VV+V
1-01 136 1420 54 46 ip
3X 1st, 1X 2nd Milking Yearling
Iowa Spring Classic
7th Place Milking Yearling
ADGA National Show

Our granddaughter has been begging for an "eared" kid since the 2018 Iowa State Fair. As I was relating this to Jason Puterbaugh of Acorn Ridge, he mentioned he had a lovely Experimental kid that really stood out to him as outstanding. Jason asked if we were interested. Sammy's birthday was fast approaching and so Bluebell came to live at our farm.

Bluebell is a cross of some extremely outstanding animals in both breeds. 50% Togg and 50% Alpine her pedigree goes back to the 2008 National Champion Toggenburg on her dam's side through the Nesahminy herds. On her sire's side there are some extremely outstanding Missdee Alpines including her paternal granddam, SG Missdee's CA Lilac 5*M 92 EEEE.

To say this kid has personality is putting it mildly. Of course, she's been spoiled since she arrived but she definitely is the star of her kid pen. She is also one of our most correct doelings....she excels in general appearance and dairy strength. She's long, tall and level over her topline, stands on outstanding feet and legs and is sharp and clean through her withers. We really like this lovely little doe.

Well, as they say, plans can change and instead of leaving Bluebell dry we made the late decision to breed her for May kids. And she was something when she freshened!! WOW....extremely correct, excelling in dairy strength with a lovely, well attached mammary and lots of milk.  Bluebell was 3X 1st milking yearling at the very competitive Iowa Spring Classic. One of the judges later told me that she was the first milking yearling she ever strongly considered for GCH....a high compliment from that judge. At the ADGA National Show, Bluebell was 7th in a very competitive class, more than exceeding our expectations!

Bluebell will be bred to Jack for experimental kids. First doe will be retained. $400.

2021 ADGA National Show ~ Milking Yearling

Mat. great granddam: SGCH Paramount Star Rhapsody 1*M

Mat. great-grandsire: *B Moss-Ridge Echo Jungle

Mat. great-great granddam: GCH Moss-Ridge Tolsma Jinx 1*M

Mat. great-great granddam: SGCH Neshaminy Acres CD Aloha 4*M
2008 Nat'l GCH, 2006 Nat'l RGCH

Mat. great-great grandam: SGCH Neshaminy Acres PRN Brandywine 3*M

Pat. granddam: SG Missdee's CA L ilac 5*M

Pat. grandsire: +*B Missdee's CC Bolero

Pat. great-granddam: Missdee's RL Bai 3*M

Pat. great-granddam: +*B Missdee's SB Cassius Clay

Pat. great-granddam: +*B Missdee's AA Charles Atlas

Photos of Rhapsody and Jungle courtesy of Legendairy Toggs
Photo of Jinx courtesy of Moss-Ridge
Photos of Aloha and Brandywine courtesy of Neshaminy Acres
Photos of Bolero, Lilac, Atlas, Bai and Clay courtesy of Missdee's Alpines

Bluebell ~ Down thru the years

Intermediate Kid ~ 2020
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