2019 Kids


Tempo Kerrigan

S: *B Goat-San Vito

D:  SG Tempo Karenita 11*M ~ 89  EVEE

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Raintree TT Flashy Colors

S: Calico-Acres NOT Time Traveler

D:  SGCH Opportunity Colors Going Grey 1*M ~ 92 EEEE

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Calico-Lane TT Rave

S: Calico-Acres NOT Time Traveler

D:  Calico-Lane M Parti Tyme 4*M

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Calico-Acres LG Princess Peach

S: *B Manzinita Farm Lucky Guy

D:  Opportunity Orange Charade 1*M ~ 90 VEEE

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Calico Fields Traveler's Rose

S: Calico-Acres NOT Time Traveler

D:  Calico Fields Win Rue 1*M ~ 89 EVVE

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Calico Patch Trav's Mistie Mae

S: Calico-Acres NOT Time Traveler

D:  GCH Calico Patch DS Snickers 2*M

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Calico Fields Q Juniper

S: *B Barnowl Quong

D:  Calico-Acres MS Jordan

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56&Company Harrison Flurry

S: *B Lucky*Star's RD Harrison

D:  Raintree EZ Frosty Swirl 4*M ~ 88 VVVV

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Raintree WL Hannah

S: CH Mint*Leaf White Lightning ~ 85 +VE

D:  Liberty Ladies OK M Hyssop ~ 88 VVVE

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Calico-Lane Q Pacifica

S: *B Barnowl Quong

D:  Kastdemur's S Serenity

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Royal Cedars Latte  Kalahari

S: *B Purple Thistle Mojave

D:  GCH Royal Cedars Bluff Latte 1*M ~ 91 EEEE

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Raintree Q Black Velvet

S: *B Barnowl Quong

D: Breezy Way Prince Gabriella 3*M

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Raintree Sin's Ginnie

S: Mint*Leaf Decadent Sins

D: Dem Dare OK C Hermione

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Raintree KK Almond Sunset

S: *B Lucky*Star's RJ Kris K

D: 56&Company CR Vanilla Sky

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Rockin-CB LSF Lily

S: *B CH Lucky*Star's LD Fallon

D: SGCH Rockin-CB KR Fenjen 9*M

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M*L Legacy Nalla Rae

S: Lone Thistle WM Savvy Sheek

D: M*L Legacy Alexa Rae

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Raintree Q Martini

S: *B Barnowl Quong

D: Opportunity Charade Grace 2*M ~ 90 VEVE

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  Raintree Sins Mimosa

S: Mint*Leaf Decadent Sins

D: Opportunity Charade Grace 2*M ~ 90 VEVE

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