Spinning Spider Canary

E2220582 ~ DOB: 2/28/22
Brown with white trim, elf ears
**DNA on file ~ Parentage Verified**

S: *B Hidden Meadows SEB Equinox
SS: *B Royal Cedars Sausy Sebastian
SD: Hidden Meadows Celeb Solstice 4*M ~ 90 EEVE

D: Royal Cedars Robin's Sparrow
DS: +*B GCH Joheas-Acres Call My Bluff ~ 89 VEE
DD: Royal Cedars Raven's Robin 5*M ~ 89 VEEE
Linear Appraisal DHIR Show Records
1X 1st, 1X RGCH, 3X 2nd Mid-MN Classic

In the spring of 2022, Chris Owen of Spinning Spider Creamery contacted me about Canary's dam, Sparrow, who had freshened in their herd in February. Not wanting to add another breed to their herd, Chris offered Sharla the chance to purchase Sparrow and her twin daughters, Canary and Chickadee. Sparrow is a tall, leggy first freshener that excels in mammary.

At birth, these twin does were nearly identical. The only way to tell them apart was a slight difference in color but as they have matured they have changed significantly. Canary is the smaller, more compact of the twins. She excels in general appearance and is smoothly blended throughout. Canary was 1X RGCH at the Mid-MN Classic.

Canary is bred to Chessie for April kids. Price $400.

Dam: Royal Cedars Robin's Sparrow

Mat. granddam:
Royal Cedars Raven's Robin 5*M

1st Nationals Sr. Get out of Mat. grandsire +*B GCH Joheas-Acres Call My Bluff

Pat granddam: Hidden Meadows Celeb Solstice 4*M

Littermate sister to pat. grandsire: Royal Cedars Amelia Audrey

Photos of Robin, Vesuvius, Solstice and Audrey courtesy of Royal Cedars Dairy Goats
Photo of Sparrow courtesy of Spinning Spider Creamery

Canary ~ Offspring


Canary ~ Down thru the years
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