SGCH Opportunity Colors Going Grey 1*M


                        2019 (age 8)                                                                2016 ADGA National Show
PL1569208 ~ DOB: 03/07/11
Belted black and white with grey fore
**DNA on file**

Link to ADGA Genetics

*B Huricane-PM Conagher Colors
SS: ++*B GCH One*Oak*Hill Tweed Conagher ~ 92 EEE
SD: Huricane-PM SFTC Strawberry C 3*M ~ 89 VEVE

D: Opportunity Revolt Black & Tan
DS: Opportunity Blade Revolt
DD: Elm*Glen Black and Tan

Linear Appraisal DHIR Show Records
2-03 90 (VEEE)
4-04 90 (VEVE)
5-03 92 (EEEE)
8-04  92 (EEEE)
3-11 281 2137 81 67 Inc
4-10 305 3723 132 113  
  345 4059 146 125  
5-11 305 3508 149 112  
6-11 274 2174 83 75  
7-10 305 3329 136 109  
1X RGCH WI-IL Goat Show
1X GCH, 1X BOB, Tri State Classic
1X RGCH, 2X GCH, 2X BOB, WI State Show
1X BOB, 1X BSDIS N. WI State Fair
1X 2nd CC, 2X 3rd CC

I fell in love with this doe when I first saw her in the show ring at the 2012 ADGA National show in Loveland, CO. She just catches your eye and sticks with you. I knew then that if she ever became available I wanted to own her and our to our delight, Grey became available last summer.

A flashy black and white doe, Grey excels in dairy strength and mammary. She is tall and sharp at the withers, smoothly blended in her shoulders with a beautiful, level topline. She stands on outstanding feet and legs and her mammary is just gorgeous. Her fore udder is beautifully extended and smoothly blended and she has a very high wide rear udder with tremendous area of attachment. Grey is a tremendous milker and she milks down to nothing.  Her udder is just velvety when milked out.

We were absolutely thrilled when Grey appraised 92 EEEE under a very tough appraiser this summer. She is a bit light on one half of her udder as she gets later in lactation so we are hoping to freshen her later in the year closer to the show season in order to take her to nationals in 2017.

Grey's grandsire is Conagher and we see many of the same qualities in Grey as we do Caramel and Charlotte, our other Conagher granddaughters. Grey has a son, two daughters and 2 granddaughters in the herd.

2018 was a year of turmoil for Grey. Confirmed pregnant for January 2018, Grey did not kid. We had tried to dry her up in November without a lot of luck. A blood test in early February again confirmed her pregnant but an ultrasound 2 months later confirmed an open doe!! We brought her back into milk as we did not want her putting on too much weight. In June we took Grey for a reproductive consult with the Univ. of MN Vet Hospital and they felt she was ready to breed back for 2019...our fingers are crossed. They do however not recommend we use Biotracking to confirm her pregnancy as she STILL tests pregnant despite multiple negative ultrasounds!

After all the reproductive turmoil we weren't sure it was feasible to keep Grey in our show string but she sure proved us wrong....going BOB and BSDIS at the Northern WI State Fair. She stood no lower than 2nd all season...quite a feat for a doe that was dry part of this year!

After all of her troubles last year, Grey successfully kidded with twin does in January of this and has continued her high production throughout the year. She again appraised 92 EEEE at 8-04.

Grey will bred to Forceplay for January kids. All does will be retained. Bucks $800.

Pat. grandsire: ++*B GCH One*Oak*Hill Tweed Conagher

Photo of Conagher courtesy of Huricane-PM Dairy Goats
Photo of Grey courtesy of Pleasant Grove Dairy Goats

Grey ~ Offspring

Son: *B Opportunity WC Winning Colors
Sire: +B Kickapoo- Valley Wild Charade

Daughter: Opportunity Charade Grace
Sire: +B Kickapoo-Valley Wild Charade

Daughter: Raintree M Gypsy Magic
Sire: *B Barnowl Merlin

Son: *B Raintree M Blazing Colors
Sire: *B Barnowl Merlin

Daughter: Raintree TT Flashy Colors
Sire: Calico-Acres NOT Time Traveler

Grey ~ Down thru the years

2012 - Yearling Milker

2014 - 3 year old

2015 - 4 year old

2016 ~ 5 year old

2017 ~ 6 year old

2018 ~ 7 year old

2019 ~ 8 year old
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