SG Tempo Karenita 11*M

L1793363 ~ DOB: 05/19/16
Broken cream
**DNA on file ~ Parentage Verified**

S: +*B SG Lone Thistle Presto ~ 91 EEE
SS: ++*B SGCH Tempo Very Dark ~ 89 VEE
SD: SGCH Barnowl Abracadabra 2*M ~ 91 EEEE

D: SGCH Tempo Karenina 10*M ~ 92 EEEE
DS: ++*B Kastdemur's On Second Thought ~ 87 VEE
DD: SGCH Tempo Evianna 9*M ~ 93 EEEE
'13 Nat'l GCH, '09, '12 & '15 Nat'l RGCH

Nita was #4 for Milk, #4 for Butterfat and #6 for Protein on the 2021 Breed Leader List.

Linear Appraisal DHIR Show Records
2-02   89 EVEE
3-03   90 VVEE
1-03 305 2330 85 71  
  398 2950 112 92  
2-05 305 2740 100 89  
  456 3610 144 122  
3-10 293 3041 129 109  
4-09 305 3930 171 127  
  420 4769 205 160  
1X RGCH & Best Udder of Show
Union County Fair Assoc.
1X 2nd, 1X 3rd
Iowa Spring Classic
17th Place 5 & 6 year old
ADGA National Show

OK, I admit it...this was an impulse buy but I just could not resist. Nita's yearling daughter, Kerri, freshened with a very promising mammary and as Laurie and I were talking she mentioned that she might consider selling Nita since she also has a very promising yearling daughter out of her (Kerri's littermate sister, Rone) and was cutting her herd numbers this spring. And THAT is how Nita came to our herd!

It's no secret that I have admired this family line for years and who wouldn't? Granddam, Evianna, has certainly made a name for herself with her many national show wins and her consistent high milk well as being a stunning doe! Less known was Evianna's littermate sister, Pav, who we owned for many years. Not as "pretty" as her sister she still burrowed her way into my heart and I was devastated when I lost her to a bad kidding. She also appraised EX and was on the ADGA Top Ten list.

Nina, Nita's dam, is an SGCH doe that appraised 92 EEEE. Nita is sired by Lone Thistle Presto who has a string of lovely daughters and appraised 91 EEE in his own right. His dam, Abracadabra, is another beautiful general appearance doe with a stunning  mammary.

Nita is long, tall and dairy with an extremely level topline and a stunning mammary that is high and wide in the rear and long and smoothly attached in the fore. She is a beautiful doe that turns heads wherever she goes. Shown in the PNW in the past, she stood mostly 1st and 2nd with a RGCH win and a BUIS win while stale (she had a difficult freshening in November 2018) many times standing over fresh does.

I simply love this personable, funny doe but we found that she simply isn't much interested in being a show goat. The trip to the Iowa Spring Classic badly affected her and she didn't make much milk. With temps near 100 degrees she truly suffered the entire time we were there. We took the chance and took her to the National Show and while she handled the trip extremely well she did NOT handle the show ring well. She completely freaked out over the lights and the sound and the people and let's say her behavior in the ring was pretty the horror of my grandson who was leading her! We're thinking that this lovely doe needs to be a home goat and that's fine. She thrives at home.

Nita finished a Top 10 record while traveling to shows last summer but did not settle when we tried to breed her in the fall. Despite multiple breedings, she remained open and milking until we dried her up late this summer. We have our fingers crossed that she settles this fall for spring kids.

Nita is bred to Blazes for May kids. Price $700. 1st doe will be retained.

Dam: SGCH Tempo Karenina 10*M

Sire: +*B SG Lone Thistle Presto

Mat. granddam: SGCH Tempo Evianna 9*M

Pat. granddam: SGCH Barnowl Abracadabra 2*M

Pat. grand
sire: ++*B SGCH Tempo Very Dark

Photos of Karenita, Karenina, Evianna, Rone and Presto courtesy of Tempo LaManchas
Photo of Abracadabra courtesy of Barnowl LaManchas
Photo of Very Dark courtesy of Cadence Dairy Goats
Photo of Kona courtesy of DeLuna Acres

Karenita ~ Offspring

Daughter: Tempo Rita
Sire: *B Goat-San Vito
Owned by Kiliana Kato

Daughter: Tempo Kerrigan
Sire: *B Goat-San Vito

Daughter: Tempo Vito Kona
Sire: *B Goat-San Vito
Owned by DeLuna Acres

Daughter: Tempo I'm the Right One (Rone)
Sire: *B Goat-San Vito

Daughter: Tempo Robin Katrina
Sire: *B Tempo Robin
Owned by Cordle Farm

Daughter: Raintree Blazes' Kat
Sire: *B Raintree M Blazing Colors

Son: *B Raintree Blazes' Kane
Sire: *B Raintree M Blazing Colors

Owned by Lois Reichert, Dairy-Aire

Karenita ~ Down thru the years

Two Year Old ~ 2018

Three Year Old ~ 2019

Four Year Old ~ 2020

Five Year Old ~ 2021
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