Tempo Kerrigan 12*M


PL1988945 ~ DOB: 11/08/18
**DNA on file ~ Parentage Verified**

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S: *B Goat-San Vito
SS: SGCH ++*B Kastdemur's SA Stingray ~ 90 VEE
SD: SGCH Goat-San Venice 1*M ~ 93 EEEE
2015 ADGA National Champion

D: SG Tempo Karenita 11*M ~ 89 VVEV
DS: SG +*B Lone Thistle Presto ~ 91 EEE "Elite"
DD: SGCH Tempo Karenina 10*M ~ 92 EEEE

Kerri was #8 for Milk and #8 (tie) for Protein on the 2020 ADGA Breed Leader List.
Kerri was #10 for Butterfat on the 2021 ADGA Breed Leader List.

Linear Appraisal DHIR Show Records
2-07  88 VEVE
4-07   89 VVVV
1-04 305 3770 136 114  
  351 4156 155 128  
2-08 305 3634 135 114  
  533 5610 204 181  
4-02 305 3527 123 103  
  330 3679 129 110  
5-03 17 260 13 9 ip
3X 1st

Kerri was a very special addition just before Christmas in 2018. Her dam is the lovely Karenita who appraised 91 EEEE as a 7 year old. Her maternal granddam, SGCH Tempo Karenina is a beautiful 92 pt EEEE doe and her paternal granddam, SGCH Goat-San Venice was the 2015 ADGA National Champion. This doeling has a pedigree of Whos Who from the LaMancha breed!

Kerri was a very spoiled kid...the only kid in our barn that first winter until kidding season started. She is tall, long and leggy, sharp over her withers and long and lean in her neck. This doe will take some time to mature but we love what we see so far.

Kerri freshened with a lovely, socked on mammary and lots of milk. She still needs time to mature and grow into those long, gangly legs but we definitely can see the lovely doe that she will be in the future. We were thrilled when Kerri was named to the 2020 Elite doe list this summer. We were also excited to be able to add her dam, sister and niece to the herd this summer.

Kerri was the last doe to freshen this spring and she came in with a ton of milk again. She has finally started to grow into her long legs and has developed more body capacity. Her mammary is still gorgeous with a high, wide rear udder and a long well attached fore udder. Kerri was again named to the Elite list in summer 2021 and she appraised 88 VEVE.

Kerri was extremely ill in October 2021. She ran 107 temp for nearly a week and while she continued to milk her heart out it took a toll on her physically. After a lot of discussion, we decided to milk her through and breed her back for early January kids 2023. We feel she needs the time to put on weight and get back her body without carrying kids.

We were thrilled to be able to add Kerri's littermate sister, Tempo I'm the Right One (Rone) to our herd this spring. We can't thank Laurie Acton enough for entrusting us with this lovely family!

Kerri has continued to milk on her extended lactation all through an above average temperature summer and is still going strong into the fall. We can't wait to get her fresh again in the spring after her extended lactation.

Kerri freshened with triplet bucks in February this year. She has matured into a lovely, extremely dairy doe with an extremely well attached mammary and lots of milk. We would like to see a bit more boning on this doe and plan her breedings accordingly.

Kerri will be bred to S'More for March kids. Price $600

Yearling FF                                                           2 year old (stale)
Dam: SG Tempo Karenita 11*M

Mat granddam: SGCH Tempo Karenina 10*M

Mat. grandsire: +*B SG Lone Thistle Presto

Pat. granddam: SGCH Goat-San Venice 1*M

Pat. grand
sire: +*B SGCH Kastdemur's SA Stingray

Photos of Karenita, Karenina and Presto courtesy of Tempo LaManchas
Photos of Venice courtesy of Goat-San Dairy Goats
Photo of Stingray courtesy of Kastdemur's Dairy Goats

Kerri ~ Offspring

Raintree HT Kristi
Sire: *B Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Heart Throb
Owned by Cordle Farm
Son: Raintree Sin's Kosmo
Sire: Mint*Leaf Decadent Sins
Owned by Cordle Farm
Son: Raintree Sin's King
Sire: Mint*Leaf Decadent Sins
Owned by Nicole Larson
Son: Raintree Sin's Keeper
Sire: Mint*Leaf Decadent Sins
Owned by Mel Stoltzfus, Chestnut Feedery
Daughter: Raintree S'More's Kisses
Sire: Easter Valley Semtex S'More

Kerri ~ Down thru the years

Junior Yearling - 2019

MIlking Yearling ~ 2020

Two Year Old ~ 2021

Three Year Old ~ 2022 (300 days in milk)
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