*B Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Heart Throb AI

PL2001675 ~ DOB: 02/01/19
Frosted Black/Brown
"DNA on file ~ Parentage Verified"

Link to ADGA Genetics

S: +*B
Kastdemur's Vicco
SS: ++B Autumn-Acres Black Zephyr ~ 90 VEE
SD: SGCH Kastdemur's Vintage 5*M ~ 92 EEEE
2019 Nat'l Res. Grand Champion

D: SGCH Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Luvs 3*M ~ 91 EEEE
DS: CH Mint*Leaf Badge of Honor
DD: GCH Jen-Mae-Ka Kids QT 2*M

Linear Appraisal Show Records
2-04   89 (VVE)  

We have always admired the Jen-Mae-Ka Kids herd and have watched Luvs as she matured from a kid so this was an easy choice for our next herdsire. To say that her being bred AI to Vicco was a bonus is an understatement!!

Heart Throb is a BIG boy...tall, dairy, upstanding....very correct throughout standing on outstanding feet and legs. His dam, Luvs, finished her championship first show out this spring. She has a stunning, capacious mammary. His sire, Vicco, was the 2018 ALBA All American yearling buck.  Heart Throb resembles his sire in his upstanding appearance and tremendous body capacity. Heart's littermate sister, Luv Potion, freshened with a beautiful, socked on udder and we look forward to seeing his daughters in milk.

Heart has developed into a very mature and powerful yearling buck...he seems to have skipped that awkward yearling phase! He has tremendous depth of body and stands on beautifully correct legs and feet. We only got one doe kid from his this past year but we really love her general appearance. We are very impressed with his fresh littermate sister, Luv Potion, in the Jen-Mae-Ka kids herd!

Heart certainly became a BIG boy over the past year....he excels in body capacity and width standing on extremely correct feet and legs. Heart appraised 89 VVE as just a 2 year old. We love his daughters and look forward to having some of them in milk in the spring. One of his daughters, Cuddles, was 9th place Senior Kid (out of 26) at the National Show. Heart's dam, Luvs, appraised 91 EEEE late this summer.

We have many exciting breedings planned for this fall!

GCH (pend) Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Luv Potion ~ 2 year old ~ littermate sister to Heart

Dam: SGCH Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Luvs 3*M

Sire: +*B Kastdemur's Vicco

Mat. granddam: GCH Jen-Mae-Ka Kids QT 2*M

Mat. grandsire:Mint*Leaf Badge of Honor

Mat. great-granddam: SGCH Kastdemur's Vintage 5*M

Mat. great-granddam: GCH Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Jaycee 1*M
2013 National RGCH

Pat. great-granddam: GCH Kastdemur's Ventura 4*M

Photos of Luvs, Luv Potion, QT, Badge of Honor & Jaycee courtesy of Jen-Mae-Ka Kids
Photos of Vicco, Ventura & Vintage courtesy of Kastdemur's Dairy Goats

Heart Throb ~ Offspring

Daughter: Raintree HT Kristi
Dam: Tempo Kerrigan 12*M

Daughter: Calico Fields HT Smooches
Dam: SG Calico Fields Sin's Raven 2*M

Daughter: Calico Fields HT Cuddles
Dam: SG Calico Fields Sin's Raven 2*M

Daughter: Calico Fields HT Luv Bug
Dam: SG Calico Fields Sin's Raven 2*M

Daughter: Raintree HT Daisy
Dam: Rockin-CB LSF Lily
Son: Raintree HT Dandelion
Dam: Rockin-CB LSF Lily

Owned by Reichert's Dairy Aire

Raintree HT Mara
Dam: Lucky*Star's RJ Mallow
Calico-Acres HT Cora
Dam: Platte Valley Juliet 2*M
Owned by Cordle Farm

Calico-Acres HT Clara
Dam: Platte Valley Juliet 2*M
Son: *B Calico Fields HT Shawn
Dam: GCH (pend) Calico Fields Win Rue 1*M
Owned by North Point Farm
Daughter: Raintree HT Sky Flower
Dam: 56&Company CR Vanilla Sky 1*M
Owned by Steve Ausmus
Son: *B Raintree HT Winter Storm
Dam: 56&Company CR Vanilla Sky 1*M
Owned by Kelbrason Farm
Daughter: Raintree HT Ellie
Dam: Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Essence
Daughter: Calico-Acres HT Stardust
Dam: Tempo Crossfit 6*M
Daughter: Calico-Acres HT Moondancer
Dam: Tempo Crossfit 6*M
Daughter: Raintree HT Sprite
Dam: Raintree Sin's Angel Dust 3*M
Daughter: Raintree HT Mai Tai
Dam: Opportunity Charade Grace 2*M
Daughter: Raintree HT Martini
Dam: Opportunity Charade Grace 2*M
Son: *B Raintree HT Mudslide
Dam: Opportunity Charade Grace 2*M

Heart Throb ~ Down thru the years

Baby Photo

Senior Kid ~ 2019

Yearling ~ 2020
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