Royal Cedars Robin's Sparrow

PE2176728 ~ DOB: 12/20/20
Dark brown with cream facial stripes & trim

S: GCH Royal Cedars Vesuvius ~ 91 EEE
SS: +*B GCH Joheas-Acres Call My Bluff ~ 89 VEE
SD: Royal Cedars Ambrosia Venus ~ 88 VEVE

D: Royal Cedars Raven's Robin
DS: +*B SGCH Lone Thistle Quadon ~ 91 EEE
DD: Lone Thistle Quoth the Raven 4*M ~ 90 VEEE
Linear Appraisal DHIR Show Records
1-02 190 1923 60 48 ip
3X 1st, 1X 2nd Milking Yrlg Mid-MN Classic

Sparrow (better known as Birdie) is another fancy addition to Sharla's experimental herd. Birdie is long, tall and leggy with a lovely first freshener udder. She shows a lot of dairy strength and is smoothly blended throughout. She still needs to mature a lot and, as one judge commented, she has all the right parts...she just needs to put them all together. Time and maturity will do wonders for this lovely doe. She has 2 lovely doe kids in the herd from her first freshening.

Sparrow is bred to Sins for February kids. $400.

Dam: Royal Cedars Raven's Robin

Sire: GCH Royal Cedars Vesuvius

Mat. granddam:
Lone Thistle Quoth the Raven 4*M

Mat. grandsire:
+*B SGCH Lone Thistle Qadon

Pat granddam: Royal Cedars Ambrosia Venus

Photos of Robin, Raven, Qadon, Vesuvius & Venus courtesy of Royal Cedars
Photos of Sparrow courtesy of Spinning Spider Creamery

Sparrow ~ Down thru the years

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