Royal Cedars Mint Samoa 2*M

Samoa ~ May 2023                                                                                                                    Samoa ~ June 2023
PE2250739 ~ DOB: 04/14/20
**DNA on file ~ Parentage Verified**

Link to ADGA Genetics

S: *B Royal Cedars Finch
SS: +*B Barnowl Drachen ~ 91 EEE
SD: Royal Cedars Raven's Robin 5*M ~ 89 VEEE

D: GCH Royal Cedars Thin Mint 1*M ~ 89 VEEE
2012 National Jr. Champion Experimental
DS: *B Royal Cedars Jette
DD: Purple Thistle Sollona

Linear Appraisal DHIR Show Records
1-03   85  VV+V
3-01  88  VVVE
1-11 289 1729 64 56  
2-10 217 3141 84 84  
3X 1st, 2X 2nd, 1X 3rd ~ Mid-MN Classic

When Melanie Ferguson posted about their herd reduction, we just couldn't resist adding this lovely experimental doe to our herd. Samoa is the daughter of the lovely Thin Mint who was the 2012 National Experimental Junior Champion and she is sired by a young buck out of the lovely Robin doe. (Robin is the dam of our lovely Sparrow doe).

Samoa really excels in general appearance...she is tall and sharp over the withers, smoothly blended in her shoulders and stands on very correct feet and legs....but her strongest attribute is her lovely mammary. She has a very high, wide rear udder, beautiful escutcheon arch and a long, smooth fore udder. Samoa didn't handle the trip from the west coast as well as we would have liked so had some weight to regain upon arrival. Luckily she loved our grain and never missed a meal but I'd still like to see her carrying a bit more weight but she is one of the top milk does in the herd...peaking at 18# right after she arrived.

Samoa is bred to Clarence for February kids. Price $600. 1st doe will be retained.

Dam: GCH Royal Cedars Thin Mint 1*M

Pat. granddam: Royal Cedars Raven's Robin 5*M

Mat. great-grandsire: ++*B SGCH Barnowl Gandalf

Pat. great=granddam: Lone Thistle Quoth the Raven 4*M

Pat. grand
sire: +*B SGCH Lone Thistle Qadan

Pat. great granddam: SGCH Barnowl Carmilla 3*M

Photos of Samoa, Thin Mint, Raven, Qadan & Robin courtesy of Royal Cedars Dairy Goats
Photos of Gandalf and Carmilla courtesy of Barnowl Dairy Goats

Samoa ~ Offspring

Daughter: Royal Cedars Do-Si-Do
Sire: Argonne's Dionysus
Owned by Tracey Jones



Samoa ~ Down thru the years

Samoa ~ 2 year old ~ 2022






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